How Im Living

People are different and bring their individuality into existence. Somewhere deep inside, we know that another person’s journey has differed from our own leaving us with curiosity about other people’s lives.

CREEPZ an independent rap/hip hop artist from the UK wants to let you know precisely that on “HDOW I’M LIVING” his newest single available on all popular listening platforms October 7th,2020.

“HOW I’M LIVING” has a clean acoustic guitar making room for a huge kick drum and cracking snare. CREEPZ comes on the track with his smooth heartfelt vocals but that quickly turns into the lyricist flexing on his pronunciations and proving he is an experienced rhymer capable of both versatile hip hop pop crossover tracks to raw underground records and everything in between. CREEPZ exhibits terrific inflection, making his voice signature to his tracks; in this way he is a reverversion to hip hop’s golden era. He spits “Dear Lord can your help me through? Can you guide me through the path I take? Dear Lord can you help me out? Can you make my whole life just change?” attracting his audience directly into his situation authentically.

CREEPZ lives the genre as it was always part of his background, lifestyle and the musical preference of he and his older brothers growing up. In his words “growing up, hearing hip hop music, [now] my sound is unique and from the heart & soul.” CREEPZ is currently being played on the BBC, featured on a variety of radio shows and airing on stations world wide. In addition he has a mixtape on Spinrilla and is planning his next performance for later this year.

Check out his song:

“ME & YOU” featuring DJ Benkraft has over 50k streams on Spotify.


“FREE AT LAST” featuring Nigerian artist Kosi Sia




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