How Eistria Cures HPV Naturally With Oils and Dietary Supplements

PASADENA, CA, JANUARY 13, 2021 – The Human Papillomavirus or more commonly known as the HPV virus is the most common sexually transmitted infection. A person with an exceptionally strong immune system usually fights it off successfully. However, HPV infection can also take serious turns like warts and cancer in people with a weak immune system. While the most common reason for HPV infection is sexual intercourse with multiple partners, other causes like Thyroid Gland Disorder and autoimmune risks are also known to be responsible for HPV infection. According to Medical News Today, “In the United States, around 79 million people have HPV, and doctors diagnose around 14 million new cases every year”.

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While for the most part medical professionals say that there is no cure for HPV virus as of yet, Eistria has done clinical trials and successfully eliminated it from various patients. This is a completely natural treatment with the usage of a specific diet, essential oils and a compound called curcumin that is obtained from a medicinal spice – Turmeric. Clinical trials at Eistria have also shown that those who were administered with curcumin showed a massive subsidence of the HPV virus by 73.3%.

“HPV virus can lie dormant in your body for years without harming you. You may even pass it on to the next generation without you or them knowing. Typical symptoms develop when the virus does come into play and when it does, within a reasonable window of time, we have successfully cleansed the affected patients from the virus. The idea is to strengthen the immune system as surgeries only remove the effect and not the cause itself — the HVP virus. Our 100% natural treatment plan makes use of vitamins and minerals from renowned and legitimate manufacturers. Apart from that, our treatment plan also includes a nutritional protocol, enzyme therapy, diet plan, removing warts and a set of other instructions. We assure you that (given your stage of infection) if you follow our plan unabated, it won’t be long before you are cleansed of HPV virus.

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Eistria is a nutritional program that is headed by famous nutritionist Miko Lamberto. They research new systems to improve the body’s metabolism with natural preparations, vitamins, minerals and all the compounds that are around us.



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