House Alarm: Magnetic and Microwave Detectors

Developments in technology have benefitted man in each and every field and burglar alarm systems have also been improved day by day. Every new system is an improvement over the old one and serves the purpose in a way better than its predecessor. There are vibration detectors which detect the vibrations in the surrounding media. These vibrations may be caused by the movement of human beings or any other natural calamity. When anything moves in a given space, it will produce waves of vibration in its surrounding media, which are detected by these sensors, which activate the alarm.

There is yet another type of burglar alarm device called passive magnetic detecting device. They can be embedded in the ceilings, floor or even in the walls. They work on the basis of change in the magnetic field in a particular region when something moves nearby. They are preferred over other devices because they are said to generate very low rate of false alarms.

There are microwave detectors which create an invisible wall by transmitting microwaves form a transmitter to a receiver. When a person penetrates through this ‘wall, the sensors detect the differences in the wall and analyze those differences in detail and send the alarm. They are very cheap and can be easily installed, but the problem is that they are extremely sensitive to weather conditions. Fog, mist and rain can damage them and stop them from working.

Optical fiber cables are also used for this purpose. They detect the difference in the light when someone disturbs the cables. When the cable is disturbed, the light will leak through the cables and the sensitive sensors detect the difference and activate the alarm, but they are usually not preferred because they have a very high rate of false alarms and sometimes no alarm even in genuine cases.

The deactivation of the alarming system when the authorized person enters into the premises of the house is as important as setting up the alarm. This can be done by setting up some code which is a combination of alphanumeric or special characters. When the authorized person enters the preset code within a particular time period after entering into the premises, the system is deactivated. Otherwise it will go on making false alarms all the time he enters in. the time period can be adjusted according to the necessity of the user. The code can also be changed periodically for maintaining secrecy.

There are both wired and wireless alarm systems. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some systems like microwave systems can be embedded in the walls, ceilings or roofs of the houses. They are wireless systems and can be easily installed. Similarly alarm systems working on the basis of electric field can also be embedded in the walls. There are local alarm systems and remote alarm systems. In local alarm system, the alarm call will be heard in the locality of the building whereas in remote alarm system, the alarm system will be controlled from a distance by electric connections. Thus there are several alarm systems for protecting our homes from external causes, but the thing is that we have to select the proper one which is both reliable as well as affordable to us.

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