Hospitality Sector In Westport, CT Lists Astele Among Its Top Statement Furniture Providers

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Westport CT, June 18, 2019 – Leading designers of custom furniture Westport CT, Astele, has created an indelible presence in the hospitality sector in this State with its innovative and exclusive furniture line that the current list of clients cannot seem to have enough of. Established with the aim of redefining luxury and sophistication to suit all types of décor, Astele has managed to accomplish a perfect balance in the otherwise delicate blend of elegance and comfort that hotels need to maintain at all times.

Among the many categories that have been in reception of outstanding reviews from clients, the collection of bar stool hospitality Westport CT launched by Astele has generated record demand in the last quarter. As specifically mentioned by loyal buyers in their testimonials, everything from uniqueness of designs to richness of materials that is further topped by absolute justifiability of prices is commendable and unmatched by any other providers in the market.

Besides housing an unrivalled collection of luxury furniture, Astele also houses an attention arresting catalogue of contemporary lighting Westport CT. These exclusive solutions are handcrafted by experienced and trained professionals in elaborate materials like brass, bronze, nickel, zinc, crystals and leather. In fact, the company has been very flexible as far as designing lighting solutions is concerned, by allowing buyers to customize lamps, chandeliers and shades completely in tune with their tastes and preferences.

At this moment, Astele is in the process of expanding their collections to include fresher options of furniture and lighting solutions that are most relevant to hospitality industry not only in Westport, CT, but many other major cities in USA, including Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Houston and more.

About Astele

Astele is one of the leading statement furniture designers based in Westport, CT. The company is widely reputed for offering innovative custom furniture that are compatible with residential, commercial and hospitality sectors alike. Astele is present in a list of top cities in USA including New York, LA, San Francisco, Denver, Houston and more.
Details on Astele products, customization and purchase policies is available at

Contact Information

11 Riverside Avenue,
Westport, CT 06880
Phone: 203 557 3332
Fax: 203 349 5652
Email: [email protected]

Custom Furniture San Francisco CA, Astele has made its mark in the hospitality sector for offering unique customized products that include bar stools, seating solutions, lighting solutions, tables and more. The company currently features in the priority list of top clients.

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