High End Department Stores Carry The Latest In Stylish Accesories

When you are putting together an outfit its no secret that stylish accessories can either elevate your choices to a new level or ruin a potentially great outfit altogether. Everything about the jewelry you choose from its color, size, and style can help to add the final touches and pull and outfit together or leave people scratching their heads wondering what you had in mind when you chose a particular piece to go with your outfit.

When choosing color in your stylish accessories

Choosing the right stylish accessories for a black or white outfit is fairly easy. Just about anything you could imagine will go well with these as far as color, whether its a bold sunny yellow or a dark glittering purple. However, choosing the right color in stylish accessories for colorful outfits requires a bit more forethought.

Heres a great tip to remember when pair stylish accessories with your colorful outfit: Remember the color wheel. Thats right, all you really need to know to pick accessories that wont look at odds with what youre wearing is to always remember that primary colors are red, blue, and yellow and secondary colors are the colors that result from mixing two primary colors (i.e., blue plus red equals purple).

Pairing colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel will certainly make for a bold contrast, but one that works as long as each hue is in the same range of darkness. And, of course primary colors and their secondary partners always go well together, but again, shade depth is everything. And, unless you are headed out to a Christmas part, some color combinations need to be avoid, like red and green.

When choosing size in your stylish accessories

Sometimes bigger is not always better. For example, anytime you are wearing an outfit that showcases big, bold, designs and patterns, an abundance of sequins, studded or other extreme details, its best that you stay away from accessories that are too ostentatious. Instead, opt for smaller accessories with little adornment and plain in color, this will keep you from falling into the accessory overload pit.

A simple bracelet, a small pair of earrings, a plain clutch, thats all you really need when your outfit is the star of the show. If youre wearing a more subdued outfit, adding a piece of jewelry that really pops is okay, too. A large, chunky ring paired with a simple pencil skirt and modest blouse adds just the right amount of oomph to a daytime look.

The right stylish accessories for your outfit

Each year designers bombard eager fashionistas in all economic and age ranges with fun, flirty, sophisticated, and edgy accessories. What you choose to go with your outfit, whether it be jewelry, shoes, handbags, or something else really completes your look, whether the look you want is understate elegance or rock and roll edge. However, as long as the colors coordinate or clash in a good way, dont be afraid to mix it up and try new things.

Fashion should be fun and not be a tedious chore you dread. So, the next time youre off to a rock concert but in the mood for pearls, consider taking a long pearl necklace, adding a knot to it, and wearing it as a choker. If youve got the attitude, you can carry off just about any look you want.

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