Health Management Solution for Patients, Hospitals, & Doctors From Transparsoft

Looking for a single platform that supports patients, hospitals, and doctors? There’s good news: Transparsoft has you covered. Our blockchain-based health wallet and patient repository management solution enables improved patient care with secure patient data management and provides an easy communication channel between patients and doctors. Get more information about Progressive Web Apps


More good news: it’s completely secure!


No-Risk Data Sharing


Ease your patients’ minds. Our Health Wallet employs a mixture of technologies to ensure your patients’ data is never vulnerable. We store health data in a blockchain network with cryptographic encryption, which ensures the solution is completely tamper-proof. This keeps all records locked down tight and never at risk. Furthermore,specific records are only ever shared with hospitals and doctors with the express consent of the patient.


Communication is Key


Whether your patients need a prescription refilled or simply to schedule an appointment, Transparsoft’s Health Wallet is redefining the way healthcare is accessed, delivered, managed, and paid for. Patients and doctors can communicate with each other directly through the platform, and push notifications allow the user to receive information about upcoming visits or notices from doctors or hospitals.


Features for Doctors and Medical Institutes


The Health Wallet offers benefits for all parties involved. Some of the key features that doctors and medical institutes will enjoy include the ability to register patients, create and manage medical records digitally, house the patient’s medical history, and create digital prescriptions. The Health Wallet also allows doctors and medical institutions to:


  • Connect existing patients
  • Access patient’s medical history (when authorized) and records
  • Add new medical records for patients by scanning documents
  • Add and update medical records using CCR and CCD formats
  • Use camera to upload medical records


Patient communication management is an essential piece of the Health Wallet.With this technology, doctors are able to:


  • Manage Doctor Profiles
  • Manage schedules and appointments
  • Alert patients about appointments using push notifications
  • Issue global pushnotifications to all connected patients
  • Have aone-on-one conversation with patients using Chat feature


How Patients Benefit

Patients will love all the features that are available to them with our Health Wallet. One key benefit they will see is that they will be able to maintain and preserve their medical history timeline even when they aren’t directly connected to a medical institute or doctor. Patients can even create or upload medical records by themselves.


Patients can also:


  • View their medical history as a timeline
  • Add medical reports and documents
  • Authorize other medical institutes to view records
  • Communicate with doctors, including the ability to send photos or videos to doctors
  • Add family members with a unique ID
  • View family members’ medical history (when authorized)
  • Give family members access to records


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