7322Handmade Mexican jewellery in unique designs.

One of the main forms of unique handcrafted jewellery in Mexico is pieces that have been handcrafted from silver and the Taxco region of this country produces some of the finest samples. In their original collections you will find earrings, rings, bracelets, chains, pendants and necklaces.

Mexico is considered the silver capital of the world and the talented artisans have been producing these pieces of handmade jewellery in unique designs for centuries. These talented artists use their skills to produce some beautiful unique and original pieces of jewellery from 925 silver; they are in traditional and classic designs and now as the world market have opened more modern and contemporary designs.

The skill of these designers has been passed down for hundreds of years from father to son to make sure that this traditional skill does not die. The silver smiths of Taxco have a worldwide reputation for their masterful skills with silver and creating some amazing pieces that are now exported all over the world and they are very proud of their work and rightly so.

You will find many stores in this region of Mexico that can offer you stunning collections of handmade silver jewellery in a wide range of designs and settings. You will find that these that these collections will contain a wide range of handcrafted earrings designs, beautiful intricately woven bracelets, simple and stylish pendants, rings and other accessories like belt buckles and handbag clasps. Many of these handmade pieces are unique and original one off designs.

A range of stunning designs that are handcrafted will be on show and there will also be pieces where the artist has added semi-precious stones to the unique jewellery designs. The semi-precious stone Turquoise is one of the most popular of these natural stones and the stunning sky blue of this stone looks beautiful when set in silver pieces that include this stone are the most popular. Some of the other semi-precious stones that they set in their beautiful pieces are Black Onyx and this stone when polished has a beautiful shine and looks elegant and sophisticated against the silver. Amethyst is another of the favourite semi-precious stones you will find in their original designs. Some of the other semi-precious stones you will see set in these pieces of handmade jewellery is Opal, Aqua Marine, Citrine and Agate. These will be seen in both modern and traditional designs.

Every family of crafts men will have their own style and will produce their own individual bracelets, jewellery sets of matching earrings and necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and other beautiful pieces. It does not matter what you choice is there will be a piece that fits your own personal criteria and if you do not see what you exactly want you will be able to put an order for a unique custom piece to be handmade for you.

It does not matter what occasion or event it is you would like this piece of silver handmade jewellery for because there will be a style there to suit every occasion from casual to formal. Remember if you are buying this piece in Mexico to look around for the best price as these will vary from store to store and do not be afraid to bargain as this will be expected of you. I am sure that you will receive discount if you are going to buy more than one pieces of this stunning unique jewellery.

If you are not lucky enough to be able to travel to Mexico tp purchase these pieces direct from the artist there are now many online stores that specialise in Mexican silver jewellery.

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