Graduation | What to wear?

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With the arrival of the end of year, many festivals are organized in sequence. Among them are the highlight of the graduation parties. What was planned for years, already has a date and time set to happen and you need to be ready for this day of great honor.

Even with the passing years, and the increasingly modern times, the formality of this ceremony remains. Therefore, we separated some tips to prepare you for this very solemn moment which will be a milestone in your life and career


Call full suit compound: Suit jacket, vest and pants. Now the custom is characterized by the use of only his jacket and pants. As these festivals occur at the end of the year, the costume is an excellent choice (*). However nowadays it is common to call the Custom Suit, creating some doubts. It is very rare to find “suits” with jackets in stores. In any case it is worth to note that in both cases with the use of a quality fabric which isolates heat (cold wool) options not restricted.


As stated previously, for comfort and beauty to your suit, fine fabrics and with a soft glow, are the most suitable occasion. The greater the degree of this wire fabric, the higher the quality and also the investment.


The fit must be impeccable. Regardless of the court, his suit should serve you like a glove. Make sure there is no looseness in the shoulder too and leftovers. And remember: Only one attendant trained in tailoring men know to take your measurements accurately and indicate the best suit. Consider experience, also, a suit slim fit that is snug to the body and follows the latest fashion trends.

Dress Code

For evening parties use dark colors for your suit such as: Black, Navy Blue and Graphite. Shirts must be the social, preferably white, for the best combination with your suit and gratava.


Add your personal touch to your tie. The smooth colors are equally easy combination. The striped offer more style but should be combined with care. There is still a representation of his career by the color of his tie. Ties slim or skinny style are thinner and more modern.


The ideal shoe is leather, smooth, admitting models tie. The sole should be as comfortable as possible. is professional in bespoke suit,exclusive designed,full canvas custom made suits Top quality men suits-choose us and believe us.

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