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One of the most artistic cities in Europe, Amsterdam boasts numerous galleries, world-class museums and canals, which evoke the poetic sensitivities of anyone who stops to look at them. But if you are a free spirit who’d rather not go with the flow, you might be more interested in the behind-the-scenes look of Amsterdam its residents enjoy daily. And since coffee drinking is most people’s most ubiquitous activity, your burning question is probably where locals get their daily caffeine fix. Wonder no more, because here is a list of Amsterdam residents’ favourite cafes.

Restaurant Koffiehuis van den Volksbond

Like a dedicated artist, this lovely cafe cares little for superficial frill and devotes itself entirely to its vocation. Its simple interior is more than doubly made up for by the rich taste of its coffee. The place also offers a range of lunch food and desserts.

Rum Baba

In tune with the oriental vibes its name evokes, this cafe provides a casual, laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for enjoying a fragrant cup of coffee. Don’t overlook the freshly baked goods either, as they’re a veritable delicacy here!


Care for a Belgian sip of coffee? Caffènation, together with its twin sister cafe in Antwerp, immerse you in a truly Belgian atmosphere. The coffee beans were roasted in Antwerp and you can even order Belgian chocolate. What’s more, the furniture has a pleasantly reminiscent feel of the 1950’s.

CT Coffee & Coconuts

Located in an old 1920’s cinema, this cafe offers a truly artistic ambiance. It is ideal for studying or staring dreamily out of the window as you contemplate the right epithet to put in your novel. If you tend to get so lost in thought that you often forget to eat, this cafe with its all-day kitchen will make sure that your belly is regularly fuelled with delicious foods.


You may easily pass by this charming cafe without ever knowing it’s there. Koffieschenkerij hides behind a tall fence on the side of the Old Church, but follow knowing locals to its gate and step into its other-worldly interior. You can sip aromatic coffee or try out a range of inexpensive but delicious desserts surrounded by truly historic decorations.

How to Get There

All cafes are located within walking distance from the city centre. You can get to the centre via Shuttle Direct’s transfer services from Amsterdam Airport. Transport options include private, group or shared rides to the city centre, which is only 15 km away. Now you know that beyond Amsterdam’s touristic charms, residents’ simple daily delights can transform your experience of the city. Among these is a steaming cup of coffee in a pleasant atmosphere. Time to get exploring!

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