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Are you an Australian service personnel and having difficulties meeting your monthly financial obligations? What is the army trust fund and why do a number of serving personnel use it? How do you apply for such loans? What are the factors that should influence you to apply for it? These are some of the questions that military personnel have and this article will answer them.

Supporting our troops

First of all, let us thank all those people who have been protecting our country and have spent a big part of their lives for the sake of peace and safety of others. For those people, personal interests are of no importance and their first priority is their countrymen and their safety. In fact, their sacrifice must be of great significance for all Australians.

This type of career is one of the toughest as it affects family life, particularly when they are living away from each other. When soldiers get into tight fiscal situations the army trust fund providers contribute a temporary solution for interim funding to provide for many different financial need situations.

What is an army trust loan?

These kinds of loans are usually benefit army members as a means to provide a temporary measure to ensure their families financial well-being. Rather than borrowing money from their friends or relatives or succumbing to selling their possessions to pawnshops, the army trust fund serves as the best alternative for their needs. Since the Army trust fund was granted funds from the Second World Wars canteens income they receive no other income to date. There are able to continually provide their loans based on interest from their investments and small interest charges on loans that are made to veterans and current service personnel. Since they are a non-profit organization their loans are often under better terms than financial institutions.

Active reserve military personnel, active duty personnel and officers having experience of twenty years or more who have retired can also receive the benefits of these loans. As the primary requirements are fulfilled, background investigations and credit checks are not generally required to determine the eligibility of the applicants.

There are a number of organizations that can provide relief funding, general loans and hardship grants to military personnel and veterans. Ensure when you inquire about their loans that you compare services and loan rates and that the loan is truly meant to aid in reducing household debt by keeping interest rates low on the loan.


Army trust funds, particularly those offered by private institutions, can range from 300 to 10,000 dollars depending on the credit history and need of the applicant. The standard procedure identifies the maximum money for the grant or loan by the capability of an applicant to repay, which is evaluated by credit history and income. Therefore, it is recommended to mention all income sources in order to strengthen eligibility. Every fund application is considered individually based on certain conditions and is not compared against the applications of others.

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