Georgian Medical Colleges See Increase in Number of Students


MBBS is a very lucrative course for many students. With lovers of anatomy and biology flocking to medical colleges, the course itself, however, is notorious for the sheer amount of funds which need to be invested into it. The course structure seems to be vast, varying, and not for the faint of heart. MBBS itself stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. In recent years, the prospect of completing the MBBS course from Europe has appealed to many students.

The country of Georgia, especially, has had a great impact when it comes to the increment in the number of students. A rather small country, with Russia, Turkey, and Armenia surrounding it, has a population of about four million people. As such, the country can afford to take in students from other countries. A spokesperson for a famous medical college in Georgia stated “The course structure for medical students in Georgia is highly revised, with an emphasis on ingraining the basics into the minds of the students. Once the students have a good knowledge about the basics of the course, they are allowed to start specializing in the course of their choice. This is done slightly earlier in Georgia than it is done in other countries because we would like our students to have a base understanding of what they want to pursue before they start their special courses.”

The spokesperson continued: “MBBS in Georgia’s fees structures are implemented keeping in mind the various needs of the students. Whether they belong to well-to-do households or not, we conduct tests and examinations in order to determine merit. These test scores are then taken into account when the students apply for MBBS in Georgia. With this, we are trying to incite and interest students from other countries to try their hand at MBBS in Europe.”

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The prospect of completing MBBS from Georgia has attracted many students.



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