Fuse Ensemble, the Talented Music Group Signs Up With PARMA Recordings for a New Music Album

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(December 12, 2017) – Any creative output with the best of the talented souls need the support to reach their funding goals and Fuse Ensemble, the highly talented electro-acoustic chamber music group is no exception. It is good news for all the music lovers that Fuse Ensemble has signed up a contract of recording with none other than PARMA Recordings for a new music endeavor. The crowdfunding program of this music group has been started at the globally acknowledged crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

Getting associated with PARMA Recordings has opened up new doors of opportunities for Fuse Ensemble. This musical group can take their creativity to the next level with the help of the best professionals, facilities and infrastructure of the music industry. Taking hands of PARMA Recordings also ensures the international distribution of their new album across shores in an amazing way via Naxos, as the latter is one of the popular and biggest distributors of independent labels, globally.

Those who will come forward and support Fuse Ensemble to achieve their funding goals will receive a string of fun rewards from the music group ranging from digital downloads, cool tees, a chance to light up the stage on fire and perform alongside Fuse Ensemble, onstage! Very few selected members will receive best tokens of love and appreciation like composing a custom film number for a short film from Gina Biver, the composer of Fuse Ensemble or churning out a small original piece of music for the loved ones of contributors. The funders can really cherish a long-lasting bond with this music group by showing some sort of encouragement in their own way.

About Fuse Ensemble Kickstarter program:
Fuse Ensemble is a dynamic bunch of musical souls of the acoustic chamber music group. This music group has entered into a contract with Parma Recordings for their new music album as is seeking for funders and well-wishers via their crowdfunding program in Kickstarter.

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Fuse Ensemble, the very dynamic and creative electro-acoustic chamber music group has just entered into a contract with PARMA Recordings. They have started their crowdfunding program in Kickstarter for new music album.

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