Four Ways The New Google Analytics Platforms Can Grow Your Business

Google Analytics is one of the most important analytics tools currently available on the internet. This tool provides its users with an in-depth look at the most important online metrics. It has therefore become an important asset for any online business that seeks to grow. However, Google are not description with being just an asset. They have been making changes that will turn GA into an invaluable partner for current and future growth.

Here are four ways GA just became an important partner for online business growth.

1. Analytics Academy

GA has become a quite complex initiative as it has grown its capacities. Google seeks to ensure that the target market is able to effectively harness the immense potential that GA provides. To do this, they have rolled out the Analytics Academy. This is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which will offer instructor led courses in analytics related issues.

The largest avenue for current and future growth is online. To use effectively, business owners must understand the important metrics within the online context. The new education window on GA will make it possible for them to get this essential training.

2. Audience Reporting

One of the largest challenges with online business is that marketers are essentially going in blind into campaigns. The wealth of data has not translated into an increase in the useful insights such as demographics. This therefore makes it difficult to customize the marketing campaigns deployed in these environments.

Audience reporting will change all of this as it makes demographical data accessible. Merchandisers, marketers, and other online campaign stakeholders get useful insights into the effectiveness of their past campaigns. The information on the consumer segment that provides the highest conversion rates is certainly a gem.

3. Acquisitions, Behaviors, and Conversions (ABCs)

Acquisitions reporting focuses on how a website acquires traffic. Behaviors focuses on how said traffic interacts with the website post-acquisition. Conversions focuses on conversion patterns of site traffic. This tool enables businesses to access the insights needed to evolve their online sales conversion process.

ABCs are an important tool for any online business that is in the process of creating, implementing, and improving a sales conversion funnel. This data is a more useful replacement for site traffic information. A business owner can use this data to optimize their sales conversion channels and funnels for better online business performance.

4. Unified segments

Analytics focuses on the ability to break down data and derive useful insights from it. GA users have longed for a tool that would make it possible for them to break down data on such lines as the kind of device from which it originates.

The importance of unified segmentation is that businesses are now able to access user segmentation, sequence segments, and segment templates. For example, a business can now quite easily monitor how much of its traffic originates from mobile. This data is important in a market which is increasingly shifting to mobile devices. Unified segments will make it easier for business owners to understand the insights behind GA reports.

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