Food is one of the most essential requirements of human beings and to sustain himself a person is required to consume a healthy and wholesome food. Food and beverages are generally available readily in the open market. The food may be available absolutely fresh or packaged although beverages are normally bottled or canned. There was a time when fresh food products and beverages were available in the market which was obtained fresh from the fields and offered to the consumer.

However, since times have changed, fresh food has become a rarity and has therefore given rise to the emergence of packaged food and beverages. It is all the more necessary for the consumer to take a fresh look at each and every food or beverage item that he purchases from a retail outlet or a shopping mall for consumption since it would ultimately affect his health in the long run. A person’s health is heavily dependent on his diet and the quality of the food that forms his diet. In the present age, where married couples are working, there is hardly time for the wife to cook a fresh meal and therefore resorts to packaged food and beverages that form the mainstay of their diet.

It would be appropriate to mention that governments the world over have imposed stricter laws on the quality of the food and beverage products that are sold in the market. When it comes to the quality of the food stuffs and beverages, a person is required to be extra cautious while purchasing any type of food product or beverage from anywhere. Every food or beverage product has a shelf life and it is important for the retailer to remove such articles from their premises. Any food product or beverage that is found to be outdated and is lying on the shelf of the retailer is an inexcusable crime since this type of food becomes toxic and proves to be fatal to the life of the person consuming the foodstuff.

It is therefore mandatory for any food products or a beverages manufacturer to display a nutrition label on the packaging providing details of the nutritional value of the foodstuff or the beverage being sold over the counter. The food and beverage label should clearly mention the name and the complete address of the manufacturer as well as the contact persons’ name along with his contact number. Some companies having email ids or websites are required to provide the same on the label of the packaged product

It is the foremost responsibility of the manufacturer and the food labels producer to explicitly communicate to the consumer complete information on the nutritional facts and their value explicitly and adhere strictly to the compliance of the pertinent rules and regulations. It also imperative that the purchaser comprehends the facts stated by the manufacturer on the packaged product and clear any doubts about the details from the retailer.

As a matter of fact, people shopping for food and beverage products generally ignore these significant factors and pick up the material and walk away without checking about the date of manufacture as well as the expiry date of the product. This type of complacent attitude on the part of the person buying the product proves to be dangerous for the individual’s health.

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