Floormat.com Publishes List Of Industry Specific Client Testimonials

Floormat.com, an industry-leading provider of floor mats, floor matting products and customized floor matting solutions for individuals, businesses and organizations, has published a list of client testimonials. The listing of client feedback, which is presented in the form of select, direct quotes from some of the company’s major commercial clients, is available in full on Floormat.com’s website, provided below.

The first client testimonial listed by Floormat.com was given by a representative of The Pet Wellness Clinic / The Pet Hotel. The pet establishment representative writes that his business had a positive experience with Foormat.com. “One company didn’t have the product I needed, others were not helpful problem solvers…Floormat.com researched products, gave us stuff at discounted prices because they were for another customer or something,” reads the testimonial. It goes to on to conclude that “Floormat.com was great work with and understood our application…And I report it is working great!”

A department manager for the City of Tallmadge also expresses satisfaction with the organization’s partnership with Floormat.com. “I feel like you have gone above and beyond to make this work for us and we are so appreciative. You don’t find companies that are so customer-focused anymore,” reads the testimonial that addresses the floor matting solutions company.

Other testimonials include statements from an assistant director at Marriott International, a construction manager at a Chicago development company, a lab manager at the Cleveland Clinic and several general managers. The testimonials each speak to both the effectiveness of the floor matting company’s products and to the service provided by Floormat.com

Floormat.com is an industry expert in providing floor mat solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Among the different solutions offered by Floormat.com are those related to floor mat needs, anti-slip tape and tread, noise and vibration dampeners and other products related to business and home environments.

In order to create business and residential solutions unique to the environment of each client, the floor matting solutions company employs a team of experts referred to as Solutionists. These highly-trained employees follow an industry-leading protocol called ADPAT that allows them to systematically identify the specific technically advanced, turnkey solutions that will most effectively address the issues of each environment they examine. Further company information and advice can be found at https://plus.google.com/u/0/109739922304473426835 or by using URL https://goo.gl/QQkVED

For more information on the products and solutions available from Floormat.com, as well as for brief case study summaries of the work its completed for different clients, the floor matting solutions provider may be contacted by using the contact information provided below. The company may be followed at http://www.spoke.com/companies/floormat-com-575ba9512c13ccf6900005c6

Address: 101 Progressive Drive, Etna, OH 43062
Phone: 800-876-1312
Email: info@floormat.com
Website: http://www.floormat.com



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