Five Cruise Holiday Destinations You Might Not Have Thought Of

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A cruise holiday doesn’t have to end up in the Caribbean, Alaska or the Mediterranean; you’d be surprised just how many obscure destinations you can now travel to in the luxurious surroundings of a stylish cruise.

Here’s my guide to some of the best of the lesser-known cruise holiday destinations.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

It seems a shame to ruin a well-kept secret, but those in the know have been keeping this stunning Vietnamese cruise, amongst the 3,000 islands of Halong Bay, to themselves for long enough. Stay on board a beautiful wooden boat with golden sails and traditional Vietnamese décor, stopping off from time to time to explore islands rich in rare flora and fauna. This is a unique cruise holiday that isn’t likely to stay a secret for long.

The Nile, Egypt

There’s no better way to see how modern Egypt sits alongside the country’s ancient past than on a river cruise down the Nile. Glide past the lush flood plains of this historic river and see the people who live and work beside it. Then stop off to take in the ancient sights of temples and pyramids that litter the surrounding area before experiencing the modern hustle and bustle of Cairo.

Australia to Micronesia

Move from one world to another with a cruise from modern day Cairns, Australia to the traditional world of the South Pacific islands on a cruise from Australia to Micronesia. Stop off on the way to explore the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Rabaul and Palau before taking part in some traditional dancing and dining on a variety of friendly, welcoming Micronesian islands.

Moscow to St Petersburg, Russia

Take a trip through the history of Russia on a stylish river cruise down the Volga, Neva and Svir rivers with boutique cruise holiday company Uniworld. Take in the fifteenth-century fortresses, seventeenth-century cathedrals and eighteenth-century palaces on this stunning voyage and then stop off to drink in the Russian culture at its famous art galleries and ballet performances in both Moscow and St Petersburg.

The Faroe Islands

Visit the unique Faroe Islands as part of a cruise around Norway and Iceland and you’ll find yourself falling in love with this traditional Danish fishing community. Stop off at Thorshavn, named by its Viking founders after the god of thunder, Thor. The distinctive, brightly coloured buildings and bleak, rugged landscape make this an extremely picturesque location.

There are so many fascinating locations available to explore as part of a cruise holiday that this guide merely scratches the surface. Just remember that when you’re looking for a holiday that is a little bit off the beaten track, it’s vital to make sure that you take out adequate travel insurance to ensure you’re covered for all eventualities. Then sit back and enjoy the ride through some of the world’s beautiful, forgotten places.

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