Fishing Trips in Mallorca for Active Family Holidays

The Balearic Island getaway of Mallorca is host to a raft of fantastic active family holiday opportunities, most of which are suitable for the youngest ages all the way into the teens. Not only is there fabulous weather, great beaches and deep history, but also lots of well organised tourist activities designed to give the more adventurous explorers a good time.

But one lesser-known activity you may not have considered for your family holiday is fishing. That’s right – fishing! It’s ideal for some quiet contemplation for the parents, and it’s also an easy hobby for children to pick up and grow into. By spending all that time outside it’s the perfect antidote to get them off the video games and into the great outdoors!

But fishing in the Balearics is something quite unexpectedly wonderful. Unlike the murky fishing hotspots of England and Scotland, Mallorca is considerably warmer and offers so many exciting places to explore on the water. There are also plenty of local guides, extensive specialised tours and hire-boats to help make the process as easy as possible.

Tour Types

While there is provision for deep sea fishing for experts, families are specifically catered for as well. The goal is initiate beginners into this most enjoyable pastime. Sticking close to the island, youngsters can be taught the basics in almost no time at all by bottom fishing off the back of a boat. These opportunities come as packages, with drinks and snacks included in the overall price. Charter companies are mostly found in the Bay of Pollensa to the north, where most of the best fishing is to be had.

What Can You Catch?

You can book a charter for your fishing focused island getaway that specialises in certain types of fish, but one of the most famous local catches is Giant Bluefin Tuna. The north coast of the island is the only location in the world where the tuna are around all year, and at certain times some even migrate from the Atlantic. These tuna can be of considerable size, so it’s not for the faint hearted!

Other species that can be caught include groupers, barracudas, sea breams, moray and scorpion fish – the list is as long as it is diverse! Some charter tours also focus on catching swordfish and sharks.

Learn the Lingo

It’s fun to learn the lingo of fishing before you start so you can know what terms like spinning, trolling, jogging, inchiku, deep trolling or brumeo mean. Then you’ll be able to climb aboard a boat from Pollensa and sound like a pro!

Mallorca offers the perfect island getaway destination to introduce children to the gentle art of fishing. It’s something a little different and can also be a very bonding experience for the entire family. Give it a try!

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