Find Out What Medical Tests You Should Have At Every Stage Of Life

The last thing that is on our mind if we are showing no outward signs of being ill is seeing a doctor unless we are maybe having trouble with conceiving and we are seeking the help of fertility doctors. The usual routine that we go through is having physicals yearly maybe if we can afford it or have the insurance and physicals for sports that we may play if it is even required. Other than that, it may be that we only see a doctor when we have a full-blown flu or a cold. Nowadays there are so many cold and flu remedies that you can buy over the counter that many resort to that instead. If you are relatively healthy, you eat well and you exercise you should be grateful. But there are tests you need to have as you go through life and at different stages because they are essential for prevention.

Stages of life and examinations you should have.

Childhood to twenties: Before the age of 30 barring any really bad birth defects or genetic conditions, you will not have to see a doctor except for maybe a yearly wellness check.

Thirties: In your thirties as a woman, you should be getting regular gynecological checks like mammograms or pap smears. These are essential for prevention of a multitude of serious diseases including but not limited to cancers of the cervix and breasts. There are other tests available now to detect human papilloma virus (HPV) as it is more commonly known as. This virus is believed to be responsible for cancer of the cervix and is spread through sexual intercourse. Bringing us to another grouping of tests, which are for STDs Sexually transmitted diseases. When men and women are at childbearing years they need to be screened for these things so that they have nothing preventing them from having children and forcing them to see fertility doctors.

Forties: This is a pivotal decade for men and women. We are not old but we are no longer young enough to throw caution to the wind. You are apt to have issues that come with age and lifestyle especially if you have genetic dispositions to certain conditions and a prolonged lifestyle, which may promote certain diseases. Some of these diseases you may want to be tested for is diabetes, heart disease, gastro intestinal disease, colon cancer, and cancer of the reproductive system. These are just a few but they are the most common and most dangerous, as they tend to be silent killers.

Fifties and beyond: Fifty is about the same as forty and beyond that regular eye conditions and heart checkups are essential. Other than, that just keeping fit is essential to living a happy productive life.

In conclusion, aside from fertility doctors people should be able to enhance their wellness by taking their stages seriously and living with a healthy mindset and attitude.

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