26658FHA mortgage- What are the special features of this loan?

The best mortgage companies usually present you with a variety of loan schemes. You may have these loans for buying your property in Illinois. All the mortgage types are advantageous in different ways. Federal Housing Administration has insured one of the special loans, known as the FHA mortgage. The new property buyers have found this mortgage loan to be highly useful.

Lots of borrowers, having moderate or low income, rely on FHA mortgage. They are not able to pay very high down payment. They may get 96.5 percent of your home value.

FHA loan and down payment-

The down payment for this FHA mortgage is 3.5%. It is applicable especially when your credit score is more than 580. While this score ranges from 500 to 579, you have to make 10 percent down payment. The lower scores increase the rate of interest for FHA loan. You have to pay the premium for mortgage insurance. It is a type of protection to the creditor against the defaults of borrower.

FHA mortgage- How does it works?

For getting the approval for FHA mortgage application, you must deal with mortgage insurance. Your insurance premiums must be of 2 types. Annual MIP and upfront MIP.

For upfront MIP, you have to pay 1.75 percent of your loan. This fund is useful in case of default of the debtor. Now, when it is annual MIP, you have to pay on a monthly basis.

The rate of payment is different on the basis of your original LTV, loan term and its amount. Usually, the cost of MIP is 0.85 percent of your loan.

While buying a house, you may need to pay some additional charges for various reasons. For instance, it includes attorney charges and loan origination charge. With the FHA loan, the best fact is that the house builders and sellers can pay a part of the closing fees on behalf of you.

More information on the loan-

•As a borrower, you should have consistent employment record in the last 2 years.

•There is an age requirement for signing the mortgage loan.

•While dealing with the appraisal process of the property, you have to choose an appraiser, approved by FHA.

•There must be no bankruptcy issue in the last 2 years. You can try to establish better credit status. However, while your bankruptcy is caused due to uncontrollable factors, you will find the exceptions to the rules. The lenders also check whether you’ve managed the fund responsibly.

•The house has to meet the minimum appraisal standards. When the chosen house has not met those criteria and your seller does not do the repair works, you have to make payment for these repair works at the time of closing your FHA loan.

•FDA has set the highest limit to get the mortgage. However, this limit is different for every county and state. In some places, you have to make 3.5 % down payment for the loan amount of $729,750.

The best company to get FHA loan-

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