Festive Feet: Celebrate the Holidays in Comfort and Style

The Holidays are here again and we can expect a lot of events at which to get dressed up and celebrate the holidays in style! However, for far too many people, especially females, this can mean having to wear shoes that are as painful as the are pretty. But while fashion may have a price, you still don’t have to look great while your foot health suffers. Wearing uncomfortable, poorly-fitting shoes can mean serious foot conditions like bunions, hammertoe, and Mortons neuroma. Furthermore high heels can even facilitate degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis. But the good news is that now you don’t need to decide between comfort and style when it comes to deciding on a pair of shoes. If you think that you’re one of thousands of women who would rather focus on social interaction than on how uncomfortable her shoes are this season, consider these suggestions when buying your winter wardrobe.

When and Where to Buy:

In an online article, reputable Elizabeth Kurtz DPM advises readers to go shopping for shoes late in the day. Feet tend to swell as the day progresses, meaning that your feet swell to their largest at night. The podiatrist also suggests heading to a major department store or full-service shoe store. She suggested that “They tend to have an excellent selection of footwear in various sizes and widths”. A bit of searching online can even save you some money.

Buy a pair of riding boots.

If you’ve got plans for a seasonal get-together where the dress code is “dressy-casual,” this is the perfect opportunity to sport one of the classiest looks of the season: riding boots. This style of boots have little to no heel, which means that they make for excellent comfort wear. Riding boots go great with everything from a jeans/sweater outfit to your best dress and pea coat.

Narrow your search, not your toes.

If you’re someone who has worn a pair of heels with super-pointy toes, you probably wont be surprised to learn that they can lead to the development of disorders like hammertoes and bunions. The reason is that footwear with a pointed toe (including some with square or oval toes) forces the wearer’s foot into an uncomfortable position. Round-toed shoes are often more comfortable and less harmful to the wearer’s feet. For a stylish take on the round toe, buy a pair of Oxfords or ballet flats (both of which can be found with arch support).

Lower the heels.

If you can’t go without, see if you can buy some that are with a heel under three inches. Why? According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Heels of three or more inches can create seven times more pressure on the balls of the feet than flats.. With too much wear, your heels can lead to back pain, Morton’s neuroma, inflammation and even Achilles tendinitis. To prevent risks to your health, limit your heel wearing to no more than a few hours at special occasions and be sure to sufficiently stretch your calves and feet once you’ve removed your shoes.
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