Fascinating Florentines: A Biscuit-y History

If you’re looking for the delightful baked goods known as Florentines, an earnest search through the wonderful pastry shops of Florence could leave you empty-handed. These delicate fancies regularly make an appearance at Christmas with their delicious and seasonal combination of candied fruit and nuts. But although they make a fantastic festive addition to any retail space, their origins are shrouded in mystery. Even a seasoned wholesale confectionery boffin like myself cannot help but be intrigued by this European favourite.

Read on to learn a little more about these interesting biscuits and to find out how you can stock them this Christmas.

Finding Florentines: Where Do They Come From?

The history of the humble Florentine is fascinating. A deceptively named biscuit, the Florentine did not originate in Florence. You might be forgiven for thinking that this chocolate-bottomed pastry is Italian; often they are referred to as coming from Tuscany. However, we must turn to the rich baking tradition of France to find the birth place of these yummy treats.

Confectioners point to the ingredients of Florentines as proof of their French-ness. Though simple enough, this combination of components is not found in the traditional recipes of the Tuscan region surrounding Florence. The mixture of cream, sugar, butter, a small amount of flour, fruits and nuts are fundamentally French in nature. As is the key blending of butter and flour, a basic roux, which is integral to the structure of the biscuit.

Where, then, is the link to Italy? Well, the French royal family’s connections with the Tuscan Medici family could explain everything. In fact, France had a queen, Catherine de Medici, who came from Florence. It has been suggested that seventeenth-century French monarchs may have commissioned the new biscuit as an emblem of their connection to, and admiration of, the Medici family.

Though we may never know for sure how these light and lacy treats came into the world, this brief history will help you impress your customers with your insider knowledge.

New and Innovative Florentines

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Make a splash with our new German-made Florentines. These wonderful webs of fruit and nuts are smothered in a rich layer of white, milk or dark chocolate before being carefully packed into boutique bags. The dark chocolate complements the flavours of the crunchy biscuit perfectly, whilst the milk and white varieties will appeal to those with a sweet tooth. The gorgeous packaging brings a sophisticated seasonal charm to any store. Don’t miss out – this re-invented classic is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

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