To be an author you must first register. Select "REGISTER" on the main menu, then complete the registration form.
If you are not already registered as an author you must first register. If you are already a registered author, first log in. Next select "AUTHOR AREA" in the main menu. Here you can create, add, edit, and delete your articles.
For each article, you can have up to 3 links. You also may have up to 3 links in the article itself.
On the right side, you will find “AUTHOR TOOLS”. In that menu, you will find the “View/Edit my Profile” link. After clicking on that link you will have in the middle possibility to edit your author profile.
Click on the "LOGIN OR REGISTER" menu button. At the bottom of the page you will see "Register | Lost your password?". Click "Lost your password?" to change your password.
The membership fee is for one year. In this period of time, you can submit as many articles as you want as long as the submitted articles comply with our Terms of Service.

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