31202Explore Faro’s Fascinating Religious Buildings and History

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Explore Faro’s Fascinating Religious Buildings and History
Faro, the capital of the Algarve, holds numerous fascinations for culture-loving visitors. Its famous buildings boast not only a long and intriguing history, but also one-of-a-kind architecture which, in itself, tells a fascinating story. As you walk the streets of the Old Town you are engulfed by its blissfully quaint feel which leaves you longing for a mysterious past. Here are some of the sights which will tickle your fancy and imagination.
Igreja do Carmo
Churches are supposed to have one bell tower, right? The architect of Igreja do Carmo, apparently, wasn’t convinced. The façade of this eighteenth-century twin-towered church is decorated in a Baroque style which camera lenses famously adore. The tall interior is lavishly lined with gilded wood carvings filling the eye with a sense of otherworldly grandeur.
The Capela dos Ossos (Bone Chapel)
Behind Igreja do Carmo is a small chapel which will also fascinate you, but for a very different reason. As you enter its dim interior you shiver slightly at the sudden sensation that the walls are lined with faces staring at you. A quick second scan of the place gives your whole body goosebumps as you realise these are not faces… or rather, not any more. The walls of Capela dos Ossos are lined with the skulls of over a thousand monks who used to serve the city over the centuries. Their bones are arranged in various original geometric patterns which make one marvel at the designer’s ghoulish vision.
The Faro Cathedral
Built in the thirteenth century, Faro Cathedral today is a fascinating combination of the Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque influences that would leave their mark on it over the centuries. You could speculate about the various cultures that have also left their mark here by the fact that the church was built on the former site of a mosque and the bizarre Chinese inscriptions on the church’s grand organ.
The Jewish Heritage Centre
The Jewish Heritage Centre is located in one corner of a traditional nineteenth-century Jewish cemetery. In it children used to be laid closest to the entrance, women in the middle and men at the far back. The Heritage Centre contains some rare artefacts such as the very first Portuguese printed manuscript and curious items and furniture from one-time synagogues.
How to Get There?
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