Expert would tell people technology principles and characteristics of Ground source heat pump

The Ground source heat pump is one kind of equipment which apply shallow underground geothermal resources which is also known as the geothermal energy such as groundwater, soil or surface water and others to be used for heating and cooling energy. The heat pump is one kind of high efficient air conditioning system. In summer, the ground source heat pump would mainly collect excess heat indoors and then these heats would be absorbed by the earth through the circulating water system. On the other hand, the geothermal heat pump would absorb the lower temperature and then discharge them to the indoor environment. In the winter which is very cold, the working process of the ground source heat pump would be adverse.

For the technical characteristics of the geothermal heat pump, the website which is the best China manufacturer for the heat pump would tell people all of this information.

The first point is about the renewable energy. The ground source heat pump would use the earth’s surface shallow geothermal resources as a heat source for heating which is used for the energy conversion of air conditioning system. This kind of unlimited renewable energy which has been stored in the shallow surface is one kind of renewable energy.

The heat pump would save more that 40 percent energy than air conditioning. Since ground water source heat pump source temperature is relatively stable throughout the year, the system efficiency of ground source heat pump would be better than conventional air conditioning by 40 percent higher. So, the cost for the operating of the heat pumps such as water source heat pump and ground source heat pump is cheaper than the traditional air conditioner.

The other point is that the application life of the heat pump system would be ground source heat pump much longer than the normal air conditioner. The ground source heat pump is very durable and its mechanical moving parts are very simple. All the parts would be buried in the ground or in the room. The using life of the underground parts would be guaranteed for 50 years. On the other hand, all of the aboveground parts would be guaranteed for 30 years.

The most important point is the character of zero emission. The ground source heat pump technology would neither destroy groundwater resources, nor produce any pollution. This kind of equipment can be built in a residential area. People could use this kind of heat pump without burning, smoke, waste and others. However, the environmental benefits are obvious. – High quality heat pump manufacturer for all kinds of heat pumps including air to water heat pump,water source heat pump,ground source heat pump,geothermal heat pump,air source heat pump,dual source heat pump,solar superimposed source heat pump,DC inverter heat pump



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