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Melasma is a discoloration of the skin with a tan or patchy brown spots on the face. It is most commonly seen in women aged 20 to 50 and caused due to over-exposure to the sun, hormonal changes or genetic proneness. The external hormones produced by birth control pills also result in Melasma. And pregnant women with internal hormonal changes will also find these patches on their face.

Melasma can be classified into four kinds of pigmentation patterns such as: Epidermal that is identified by excess melanin on the outer layers of the skin; Dermal Melasma is identified with melanophages – they are cells which ingest melanin all through the dermis; Mixed Melasma which is a mxi of dermal and epidermal conditions; The last kind of pigmentation is not named but can be found mostly in dark-skinned people wherein excess melanocytes are identified in the skin.

This site FinallyMelasmaFree.com offers some natural home remedies that can be followed easily to get rid of this condition permanently. Alternatively, the site also provides the names of the products which help in keeping this condition at bay. The Skin Whitening Forever is a product that is more than a skin lightening cream. As per the author this cream is much better than other creams that are prescribed by doctors or are available in the OTC medical shops. It is also a great alternative for those expensive treatments which might or might not work as suggested.

And then the author talks about some home remedies and home ingredients that can be used to get rid of this condition. The first ingredient is turmeric which is known for its natural antibiotics and antioxidants. Then there is the extra virgin coconut oil which can be used to massage on the affected skin. Castor oil is yet another magic ingredient which works wonders. The oil consists of omega-3 fatty acids in abundance and they help in reducing the pigmentation to a great extent. These are natural ingredients with no side effects. So, one can use them without any worries. The site also takes the readers through a variety of other creams currently available in the market.

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Finally Melasma Free, http://finallymelasmafree.com/ is a site that offers exclusive information on Melasma and different ways to treat the same.

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