Evil Eye Beads: Seeing a Rebirth in Popularity

When I was just starting my hobby creating beaded jewelry, I used to visit many websites including pandahall. I was looking for beads and supplies that I needed in my designs. I did not have regular suppliers then. Whenever I search for evil eye beads, I got very little information from these online bead shops. But that was many years back, when the evil eye amulets and talismans were very popular only in Sumeria, Turkey, Greece and other Middle Eastern countries. Today, there are thousands of sites that offer information on these beads and this information (history, significance, etc.) is usually linked to the various types of beads that they sell, including the evil eye.

So, now, evil eye beads can be found available in nearly all bead shops online like the pandahall and in local craft stores. It has become a hot accessory for fashion enthusiasts and jewelry designers as well. Bracelets, chokers, earrings and necklaces with the tell tale evil eye beads are seen worn even by the famous and the rich.

What is this belief that is associated with the evil eye beads? People in many countries are trustful to the eye symbol to ward off evil spirit. When you have a good fortune and it is seen by someone envious, you might experience some type of bad luck. Even if you receive a well meaning praise for anything, it is believed that there is some form of envy, jealousy, or greed attached to it. Some people still believe this lore, so they keep on wearing jewelry that has evil eye beads on it.

Jewelry artisans have seen the popularity of evil eye beads coming back even to the Western society, so they are purchasing these beads from online shops, even from pandahall. Even the modern men and women are looking for jewelry items with these protective beads. Claiming to be non-believers, they still want to protect themselves from any negativity brought about by envious looks. Perhaps what encourages them to this belief is that the Turks display it in their home and office entrances, attach to their baby’s clothing, or hang from the mirror of their cars. The evil eye amulet can disperse bad luck away from its owners.

At pandahall, the evil eye beads today are images of a single eye in a blue background color, typically. It is common now to find other colors like red, yellow, black and a mixture of colors. They used to be made from lamp work glass, but have now become available in other materials such as agate, Lucite and other common stones. The sizes may be ranging from 1 mm to 15 mm and upward, with shapes that include round, oval, star, flat round, etc.

Even if you are not inclined to believe the powers of the evil eye, owning it is an opportunity to be grabbed. This is a very hot fashion accessory today and can help you make a fashion statement that is recognized internationally. So get yours’ today.

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