Everyday Tips To Prevent Back Pain

Few of make it far past our 40th birthday without experiencing back pain. Sometimes it is caused by an accident or injury that was impossible to avoid, such as being rear ended while driving or being tackled playing football. But very often it is the little things in our everyday lives that lead up to chronic back pain. We can’t control everything that happens to us, but we can take some easy and effective steps to prevent the details of our lives from hurting our backs.

> Stretch and warm up your muscles before any demanding physical activity. Most people remember to do this before playing organized team sports or going jogging, but it applies to gardening, house cleaning and a spontaneous game of catch too.

> Arrange your work spaces to have what you need in easy reach without having to twist or bend too far or work at awkward angles. Your office work station is an obvious place to start, but this applies to your kitchen, garage workshop, and home computer and laundry areas as well.

> Exercise daily. This provides so many benefits that it cannot be said too often. Taking just 20 minutes a day to walk briskly, dance, do yoga or play sports will improve every aspect of your health, including your muscle tone and stress levels.

> Wear comfortable, properly fitting shoes in good condition. Yes, those pointy toe boots and high heels look amazing, but save them for special occasions. Wearing them often will put a strain on your feet and affect your spine as well. Worn out or poorly fitting shoes will also cause all kinds of pain.

> Invest in a quality mattress that’s right for you. If you have an existing back condition, talk to your doctor about the best type of mattress for you. Always try before you buy. An old, worn out mattress will lead to back pain and poor sleep.

> Whether it’s at the grocery store, your work place or the airport, always use proper lifting techniques. Do not bend at the waist to lift heavy things. Bend your knees and lower your whole body so you are lifting with your legs, not your back. Hold the item close to you as you straighten your legs.

> Take breaks to stretch regularly when you are driving long distances, sitting at the computer or working while standing in one place. Sitting or standing in the same place too long will lead to stiff, sore back muscles.

> Try to relax and avoid stress. Make time to do the things you enjoy and be with your loved ones. Don’t keep your worries bottled up inside; talk to a loved one, religious or spiritual advisor or a helpline. We live in a high pressure world, and it gets to all of us now and again.

It isn’t always possible to avoid back pain, but by giving our bodies the tender, loving care they need, we can avoid some types and recover faster and more completely from injuries. The website address given below has more information: Back pain houston.

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