Essential oils Immortelle face oil and Brightening face oil

The cosmetics industry utilizes fundamental oils to fabricate body and produces aromas or odour. These oils are also helpful as they behave as a cancer prevention agent in some skin care items and also include the scent in various body care items.

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic plants extracts and essential oils for healing the skin issues and also use in cosmetic purpose.

Essential oils comprise of many benefits. In many places, the essential oil is also used as anti-flaming agent. Studies found that essential oil has a property of fire resistance. The aroma is another component of essential oil which helps in reducing the stress and anxiety thus, make the body feel relax and refresh. Many essential oils hold the antibiotic property, due to which they are used in many medicines. They also consist of anti-microbial effects which prevent us from many harmful infections.

Essentials oils are obtained in liquid form from the different parts of plants which have the potential to benefit in any form. They are profoundly unpredictable and concentrated fluids which are unadulterated natural. These oils have some beneficial impacts on the human body. They help in curing some basic health problems such as sadness, sinus infection, sore tissues, anxiety and pains. They also take care of skin by moisturizing and nourishing it, thus blocking the dehydration on the skin.

LADIONE has launched the various varieties of face oil and two have them are Immortelle Rose Face Oil and Brightening Citrus & Primrose Face Oil.

Roses are an anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent. Oils produced from these roses help in skin burns and to fills the pore. Rosewater is also a product which is made from rose oil used in many medicines and as a beauty product. Most of the products prepared from rose oil are for hair and skin. Roses are rich in vitamin C which protect the skin from damage.

Citrus also has anti-inflammatory properties. It has properties which help in cure acne, dark circles and cuts. It also gives you a strong smell which makes you feel clear, fresh and strengthened. citrus have a vitamin C which prevents helps to prevent ultraviolet damage.

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