Escape the Crowds and Enjoy a Family Christmas in Faro

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The school holidays can get a little crowded, as often they are the only time of the year that families can travel away together. But there are still some uncrowded gems left on the market – and Christmas in Faro is one such example.

Located on the Algarve Coast, Faro is a magnet for tourism in the summer, but not during the winter months. This gives the cunning family the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful place with great amenities without having to wade through densely-populated tourist traps. The winter sun may not be quite as hot, but this Portuguese town is still a place of beauty and full of great activities for all ages.

And it isn’t that cold either. Average temperatures in December and January stay in the low teens, which is warm for those coming from the chilly UK. When you fly into Faro, airport transfers are readily available (especially if you book in advance), making the trip to your hotel much easier. And when there’s a herd of small children in tow, easy is a necessity.

Why Faro Now?

There has been a recent upturn in Algarve winter tourism, but all that means is resorts, hotels and restaurants now stay open for the whole year. It is still much cheaper than going to rival winter destinations, like the warmer North African countries – the cooler temperatures mean regular, cheap flights and accommodation with low prices in the hopes of attracting customers during the off-season.

What to Do?

Christmas in Portugal is much less commercialised. Shops don’t get rammed with goods and toys, so nagging children shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Festive celebrations tend to start on 8 December and lasting until 24 December. Families can start the eating and dining early and keep going for a fortnight – all to fit in with local custom, of course!

How Do the Locals Celebrate Christmas?

It’s always great for the children to experience the way people in other countries live. By spending the holidays in Portugal, they can see that first hand. Portuguese families celebrate with gifts and food on 24 December, spending midnight and much of Christmas Day at church – it is a traditionally Catholic population, after all.

Nonetheless, all the typical British trappings are also available. Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce can all be found in restaurants – just make sure to book a table in advance.

How to Get There

The journey from London to Faro takes little over two and half hours – so there won’t be much time for the kids to get too bored. Once you land, a Faro Airport transfer to your accommodation is the best way to avoid logistical troubles and let you and your family bask in an Algarve Christmas as soon as possible.

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