Es Mercadal: Regions of Menorca

The region of Es Mercadal is at the heart of Menorca and provides easy access to the four corners of the island. This historical town is well worth a visit. You can explore its mountain’s history, indulge in the local cuisine and even spend a relaxing day golfing on open greens.

If you climb to the summit of its tallest hill, Monte Toro, you will also get a stunning view of the whole island. With hiking trails, pretty harbour-side villages and beautiful scenery, Es Mercadal is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to spend your summer holidays.

Exploring Monte Toro

Monte Toro is Menorca’s highest point, reaching 342 metres. The hike to the top is very pleasant, with an easy 2.5-mile trail and stunning scenery along the way. The views from this altitude are certainly worth the effort – and there are a few hidden surprises to explore when you get to the summit.

Since the thirteenth century, the mountain has been a spiritual centre for the island’s native people. Many religious orders, including orders of Franciscan sisters and Augustinian monks, found sanctuary at its summit. Make sure your day out includes a trip to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of El Toro. There is an impressive statue of Jesus of the Sacred Heart with arms outstretched just outside the sanctuary’s entrance that you will not want to miss.

Fish in Fornells

Looking to relax this holiday? Our two villas in Fornells are beautiful converted farmhouses not far from this pretty harbour-side village on the wild north coast. This isolated location offers a superb slice of laid-back island life. With its natural harbour, Fornells is constantly studded with traditional fishing boats used to catch lobsters, known as Ilauts. Thanks to these fishermen, the seafood in our charming resort is tasty and fresh. Share a delicious meal at one of the many waterfront restaurants during your stay at our villas in Fornells and indulge in as much succulent fish as you could desire. We are convinced the local seafood is second to none.
Golf with a View
Are you an avid golfer? Then you are in luck! Son Parc, the island’s only golf course, is just a short trip down the coast from our villas in Fornells. The course includes eighteen holes that meander through verdant grounds. With a variety of bird species frequenting the course, including a flock of stunning peacocks, you will even be able to admire the wildlife. After your rounds, enjoy a celebratory drink on the terrace of Es Bruc Golf Bar-Restaurant, which overlooks the green.

Relax at a Bartle Holiday Home

Es Mercadal is a local hotspot, offering holidaymakers many activities that will easily keep them entertained. The area also has excellent links to the rest of the island, making it the ideal holiday site. During your stay at one of our perfectly-located villas in Fornells, explore all that the area has to offer. Feel free to get in touch with our customer services team if you would like to spend your next summer holiday discovering this idyllic corner of the world!

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