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22 players and 11 members per team play soccer. Positions may be variable with respect to the soccer formation and strategy employed, but usually a group roster features a goalkeeper and a couple of defenders, midfielders and attackers.

Dribbling the Ball
To dribble the ball, you need to wear a suitable soccer cleats. Without it you risk injury. Start this demonstration by putting down the ball near you feet. Now begin your forward advance taking the ball with you. How to accomplish this? Push the ball forward along with your foot as you make an action forward. Begin the dribble with a weak kick and maintain the ball rolling by kicking the ball alternately.

In addition, for those intermediate dribblers, here is a video link showing a typical fake dribble. It’s used to mislead your opponents to a certain direction while you actually select another, just like a crossover. Actually, in soccer parlance, this can be a crossover, by faking to go the ball to a different direction then do the particular move following the fake.

Passing the Ball
Passing the ball is super easy, though the hardest section of passing accuracy. Here is the starter player’s handicap. To do a standard rolling pass, you need to kick the ball with the interior of your foot (instep and toe part). Your kick should hit the lateral part of the ball for this traveling in a roll. Kicking with the inside part of the foot also allows accuracy, wherein the arch is employed to provide the ball direction. Ok, try it. Kick the ball with modest force with the arch providing direction.

Intermediate Passing and Shooting
The link also featured how to do a high pass. Notice how his foot made experience of the ball. For the ball to fly, the underside of the ball should be hit while kicking. And to provide direction, the within part (the toe part) of your foot should be the main contact of the bottom (of the ball)

Shooting the ball is just like passing by a high ball. A good rolling pass is known as shooting when it is used to score a goal. So now you begin to see the importance of passing.To be competent on the game, the only way is to rehearse and play. To be better, yet more practice and playing. But to be the most effective, again practice and play. Follow Epic Soccer Training Program. This article is copyright protected.

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