A Beach Day for Students, London Style

London has got to be one of the most exciting cities to consider when you are thinking of studying abroad, and whether you choose to stay in halls of residence or in a homestay, Londoners welcome foreign students with open arms. Studying in a city,

Why a Homestay Gives You More in London

Arriving in an unfamiliar part of the world to study and live can be daunting, and your choice of accommodation for your stay is an important decision. Experience true English culture and make some local friends by opting for a homestay. Londoners wi

August Treats in London for Summer Students

Summer has arrived, and while you’ll likely have some studying planned during your homestay, London is bursting with fun things to do this month to keep you distracted! From sensational live music to magical art exhibitions, the capital is the best p

A Guide to the Notting Hill Carnival for International Students

If you’re looking to make your summer as memorable as possible during your homestay, London has definitely got you covered – and Notting Hill Carnival should be at the top of your list of things to do. This annual celebration of Caribbean heritage i

Highlights of Zone 4 Locations: Barnet and Totteridge

London has a lot of different and diverse places within the city limits. It’s almost more like a mixture of small towns, all located within a short journey from each other. Staying with a host family offers you a great chance to get to know new areas

Managing Your Expectations for a Homestay in London

Where you live can seriously affect your university experience. A healthy home life in a good area can make the difference between enjoying your time in the UK and being stressed out. For a great way to live, why not try out a homestay? London is a b

A Day Out with Your Host Family in London

As an international student, your experience of studying in the UK capital goes far beyond learning at a world class institution. You’ll discover a whole new culture and gain a second family if you’ve chosen to do a homestay. London is one of the mos

Make These Traditional British Meals During Your Homestay

A key part of any culture is the food; tasting the traditional dishes of a country is all part of the experience of living abroad. While going out for meals is a treat during your homestay, London can be expensive and cooking at home with your host f

Tips for Speaking Polite English During Your Homestay

Learning how to be polite in a new culture can be tricky. Every country seems to have its own way of doing things so it is important to know a few key phrases that you can use during your homestay. London is a big city with lots of people, and being

5 Reasons for Hosting an International Student in Your Home

Are you thinking about doing a homestay? London is full of families just like you who share a love for meeting new people and making guests feel like they’re part of the family. International students are often looking for something more than just a