Evacuation Chairs And Their Positive aspects

Tracked or wheeled evacuation chairs are the most efficient and protected method for assisting people with mobility complications exit a risky multi-storey building. Modern evacuation chairs are comfy and straightforward to work with, requiring small but essential training and their collapsible design mean that they are able to be safely stored away when not in use. Get additional facts about evacuation chair for stairs

Narrow or compact space
The benefit that the evacuation chair has more than standard wheel chairs and typical stretchers is its potential to negotiate stairs and manoeuvrability in tight spaces. They may be wide and brief adequate to become wheeled down narrow corridors and light enough to become carried or very carefully rolled down stairs.

In situations exactly where fallen rubble blocks progress a wheel chair would encounter time delaying troubles but these particular emergency chairs are equipped with handles that enable those assisting to carry the chair more than the blockage. Gentle spiral staircases, having a little expertise, also can be overcome; these would prove impossible for ordinary stretchers.

Stairwell descent
Four people descending a staircase, in an emergency, using a stretcher, could trigger delays, tailbacks and obstructions however the width of evacuation chairs nevertheless leaves a lot of area for others to pass on all however the narrowest of stairwells. A single individual can also operate these chairs and so this frees other important staff to assist others vacate the creating.

The rigid rubber wheels and tracks generate friction as they travel across the steps and this automatically slows the chairs price of descent. This makes it straightforward for one particular person to deal with the operation by him or herself. Straps and cushioning make the journey out of danger a protected and comfy one.

Evacuation chairs may also double as a common wheelchair in an emergency; this could alleviate the necessity of possessing two chairs. The four-wheeled models have the distinct benefit of rolling easily over level ground like a normal wheelchair and also reduce down on inflicting backache on assistants. This really is far more probably to take place with a two-wheeled version, which wants to become tilted backwards to move along level ground.

For ease of deployment health & safety officers should make sure the evacuation chairs on site are lightweight and use an simple, one-movement opening mechanism to prevent delays in assembling the chair.

Popular locations for emergency chairs are high-rise office blocks and hotel tower blocks because these tend to have restrictive corridors and passageways. Onboard ships have a tendency to work with space to the maximum and their use at conferences and arenas is commonplace.


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