Studies Pinpoint Top Three Not-So-Good Foods that Trigger Osteoporosis

Just as osteoporosis is considered as the most common type of bone disease which thins the bones and trigger loss of bone density, it is also believed to affect one in five women over the age of 50, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. When women reaches menopausal period, her female hormone, estrogen, drops off abruptly, causing the bones to lose some of its density, making osteoporosis more prevalent in women. However, women have been widely using a bone drug brand named Fosamax to prevent the osteoporosis. Moreover, a number of women also complained that this pharmaceutical formulation has caused them to suffer more serious side effects and file Fosamax lawsuits complaints against its Merck & Co. Although heredity may play a big role in what causes osteoporosis, poor diet and wrong choice of foods may also be a contributory factor for this disease. It is significantly important that you need to watch your diet as soon as possible so that you may possibly avoid getting this condition. This article may help you discover and understand why certain foods are not good for the bone.

Junk Foods or Salty Foods

Although salty foods, particularly junks foods, are known to cause kidney stones, these certain type of food may also be a contributory factor for osteoporosis. Researchers have uncovered the important link between sodium and calcium. When sodium intake is high, it is washed away from the body via urine, taking calcium with it, which decreases calcium stores in the bones.

Red Meat

Excessive consumption of red meat is considered as another contributory factor which increases the risk of osteoporosis because red meat is known to produce certain acids in the body. When it lingers into the bones, it may consequently release the calcium from the bone. The decrease in calcium may result in the reduction of bone mass which leads to osteoporosis.


Eating lots of chocolates may cause weaker bones, according to a cross-sectional study. The study showed that women who ate chocolates every day have lesser bone density compared to women who ate it less once a week. They say that although further studies are needed to confirm the findings, their study raises concerns that frequent chocolate consumption may increase the risk of osteoporosis and bone fracture.



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Author: Kathleen Hennis