7322Handmade jewellery crafted from crystals and semi-precious stones.

As a woman we choose to wear pieces of handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery for many reasons the main one being its beauty. They can also be worn for the magical quality’s they are said to posses.
We can wear these pieces of unique and original handmade jewellery that have been crafted from semi-precious gemstones because they are beautiful and can make us fell confidant. By wearing earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and jewellery earrings set with semi-precious stones they make us feel as beautiful as they are so add to our confidence and self esteem.

They can be worn for other reasons and these are that many of these semi-precious gemstones are said to posses’ properties that give us positive forces in our everyday lives. As you can imagine there are many sceptics who think that the mystical power of these crystal gemstones does not exist. Many people wear pieces of handmade jewellery that contain these semi-precious crystal gemstones in their unique designs because they aid them in their astrological, tarot and spiritual readings.

On the other side there are very many people that believe that these crystal stones hold a lot of natural power. If you believe in the power of these semi-precious crystal stones they can adjust your expectations of live when you have these stones close to you either as a polished pebble or as a piece of handmade jewellery. Others believe that these semi-precious crystals will also work their magic if you have no believe at all as these stones are used only for good and will only give positive energies and not negative.

These pieces of semi-precious handmade jewellery are not all expensive most of these are all within our own personal budget. You are able to find some stunning semi-precious crystal gemstones in very high quality, both in the stone and the cut and the design of the piece of handmade jewellery that it is set in and all of these are within a medium budget.

Amethyst is a good example of one of these natural stones. You can find a beautiful Amethyst in the deepest of rich purple colours perfectly cut with many facets to reflect the light and these can be found in many pieces of handmade jewellery. I have seen some stunning jewellery set that have been crafted with this semi-precious crystal stone set in sterling silver, rings set in the precious metal gold and beaded necklaces that have been crafted from beads of this lovely stone.

Rose Quartz is another semi-precious crystal stone that can be used in these handmade jewellery stones and this is said to be the stone of love so a piece of jewellery that contains this stone given to a loved one is the perfect gift. The lovely natural pink colours of this crystal lend it to making unique and original feminine designs and it is one of the most popular stones for jewellery making. I am sure that if we have pieces of handmade semi-precious jewellery Rose Quartz will feature among them.

Tigers Eye is a quartz stone but not as transparent as Amethyst and Rose Quartz but is very beautiful with its rich natural browns and ambers. This has been called Tigers Eye because the colours in the semi-precious stone resemble that of a Tigers when caught in the light. This stone is another that features in pieces of unique handmade jewellery and also looks beautiful set in both silver and gold. You will find this stone in both men’s and women’s jewellery. You will find rings and pendants with men, earrings, bracelets, jewellery sets and necklace for women.

Many pieces of handmade jewellery in unique designs have semi-precious crystal stones in their designs and these pieces are in high demand. You will find, jewellery earrings in unique designs, bracelets and jewellery sets with these stones added and these are not only purchased for their beauty but also for their mystical properties. The beautiful necklace jewellery designs are not only loved and worn for their beauty but for their healing properties

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