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There are many different types of earrings to be found in the shops and these could be anything from a simply gold hoop to elaborate chandelier designs that has been handmade from shinning beads like crystals and polished jet.

This style of handmade jewellery has been worn for centuries and we can see gold and silver hoop earrings being worn by both men and women over the years. Today it is usually women that you will see wearing this type of jewellery by women.

There are many styles and many different types of earrings and you will have hundreds to choose from. There are pierced designs that you can only wear if you have had your ears pierced or there are styles that clip onto your ears so you can wear these designs if you have or if you do not have your ears pierced.

The simplest of designs are the stud and this is usually a stone and this can be anything from a beautiful pearl, a diamond, semi-precious bead to a polished wooden bead and this will be set into a metal setting and behind this will be a post that will go through your ear and on the back of your ear it will be secured with a small winged back. You will see this style of earrings being worn on many occasions from simple diamond studs being worn on a formal occasion to pieces that have been handmade from bright glass beads worn just for fun.

I would say that chandelier earrings are the most elaborate of designs and these will be long and crafted with moving parts and these styles are often set with stones that shine when they move and crystals are one of the most popular of the stones used and these style of earrings look very elegant and can dress up any outfit.

You will find earrings as a part of a jewellery set where a pair of earrings has been handmade to compliment a bracelet or a necklace and this is where the designs will have used the same beads or stones as in the necklace or bracelet and using the same design.

This is a style of handmade jewellery that can be worn by any age and you will even see babies with small stud or hoop earring in their ears. Young girls will wear them as a fashion statement wearing the latest designs and styles that are in the shops and they can be worn on any occasion from a large ball to a family picnic or just going to the shops.

If you were to open any jewellery box earrings is the one thing that you could be certain to find there and with vintage and retro styles becoming very fashionable at the moment so you can find many traditional styles in the shops.

Whatever is your preference traditional or modern, long or short you are going to be able to find a design that will suit you.

There are many pieces of handmade jewellery on this site that are classic and will never date. In the collection of jewellery earrings you will find many different styles crafted from lots of different materials. There are many pieces of unique semi-precious jewellery here that have all been crafted by hand in the UK this is a large selction of jewellery all handmade in the UK

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