8853A Puppy Crate Is a Basic Puppy Supply Need

The companionship, unconditional love and fun that each of my dogs have brought me throughout the years has been priceless. Of course, the new puppy experience provides some incredible adventures into re-experiencing the world through the eyes of this very new and impressionable life. But keep in mind that bringing that new puppy home comes with the commitment of time, patience and financial resources for many years. Once you are comfortable with this commitment, good for you! And welcome to doggie ownership.

There is much to consider in preparing yourself and your home for your new arrival. But one of the first items you will need to invest in is a dog or puppy crate and its bedding. It is important for your new puppy to have a place he can call his own, a hideaway where he can find comfort, a place where he can feel safe. A dog crate with bedding will become your puppy’s den, his favorite place to nap or take refuge during bad weather. At the same time, it will provide you peace of mind knowing he is safe and not potentially destroying some of your personal items while you may be running errands. A puppy should never be left alone in a crate for more than 3 hours at a time. After all, we are talking about a puppy and they are simply not able to control their bowels or bladder for a period of time longer than this. If you are going to be gone longer, than it is recommend you use an exercise pen or play pen. Your puppy must make a positive mental association with the crate. Therefore, it should never be used as a form of punishment. If used in a negative manner, your puppy will learn to fear it and refuse to use it. Your dog crate is also not a replacement for a dog sitter or doggie day care. A dog that is crated for too long does not get enough human interaction or exercise and will likely become anxious or depressed, directly affecting how your puppy interacts with you. In selecting a dog crate make sure you consider what his adult size will be, and purchase a crate based on his projected adult size. The crate must be large enough so that he will be able to stand up and turn around. Of course, the crate needs to be comfortable so bedding is very important. Quilted Crate Cover Sets are a terrific option for bedding while also providing safety. Covers for dog crates provide the cover for your crate as well as soft quilted bedding and bumpers. Since puppies do explore with their mouths, this set will also help to prevent permanent tooth damage caused by chewing on metal. Make sure you purchase one that is completely machine washable. However, a fleece bed, sheepskin pads or even a comforter can also be used as bedding for your crate.

Congratulations on the addition to your family! Enjoy puppyhood and the laughter, tenderness and companionship your puppy will bring you as he grows into adulthood and for all the years to come.

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