Why is Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Necessary?

An air conditioning system is large, complex and can last for years or even decades on end, so does it really need regular maintenance? The answer, of course, is yes. And who you should trust for your air conditioning maintenance needs? Well… obviously a professional air conditioner Melbourne, FL Company. After all, experts know the best.

The maintenance requirements of an air conditioning system depend on its make and model. With that said, most air conditioners require at least one maintenance check in a year.

Now, a lot of air conditioning system parts and components are covered in warranty, but a warranty can be denied or deemed as void if you did not maintain the system properly in the first place. Regular air conditioning maintenance is required to keep your system under warranty. It also reduces the chances of a breakdown, which could happen when you least expected it. If you live in an area of extreme hot or cold climate, your system will have to work extra hard, and so may become more susceptible to breakdowns.

Regular air conditioning service can help identify and fix problems in your system and prevent them from getting worse. It minimizes breakdowns in your air conditioning system and ensures that your system works efficiently and safely even when it has to under severe weather conditions.

What does regular maintenance involve?

Regular maintenance involves a few procedures like changing filters. You need to change or clean your air conditioning system filters in order to keep the system ‘breathing’ properly. If air flow through the system is blocked or obstructed by clogged filters, the system may freeze up, experience a leak, or shut down. The cleaning requirements for a filter depend on its make, model, and type. A standard air filter, for instance, needs to be changed once a month or so. An electronic air cleaner in a centralized heating and air conditioning system has a reusable filter that can just be cleaned once a month. Some filters only need to be replaced once every six months or a year.

The condenser unit in an air conditioning system is another major component to be cleaned regularly. It is exposed to a lot of debris and dust, and too much of either or both can take a toll on the system’s efficiency. Similarly, the evaporator coil and motors need to be cleaned up and kept free of contaminants, and drain lines need to be regularly checked and cleared. Water leaks can happen in the summer months, when your air conditioning system is running at full swing. Water leaks happen because of clogging of drain lines by contaminants and dirt.

The need for regular maintenance

You need regular air conditioning repair and maintenance in order to keep the system running efficiently, and your home properly insulated. It means that you spend less money on energy bills, cooling costs, and major repairs. A well-maintained air conditioning service will not only keep your home cool but will also keep the air inside free of contaminants. Clean coils, filters, and air conditioning system equipment means that you and everyone in your home will breathe fresh, clean air.

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