Quick Facts About Breast Cancer

Not all women have the same risk of developing breast cancer during their lifetime. Breast cancer comprises 22.9 percent of all cancers in women worldwide. There are several types of cancer, including those that were linked to the recently reported metal-on-metal hip implants believed to cause cancer, as was reported by the Telegraph.Hip replacement surgeries have been criticized by some due to defective hip prostheses like the ones manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics Inc.

DePuy is a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Recently, J&J released its first quarter financial information, and it shows that the DePuy hip replacement recall costs increased by $276 million. Legal experts should also discuss the DePuy hip settlement amounts to the affected patients of the recall.

In 2007 roughly 202,964 women in the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer and up to 40,598 women have died from it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It affects one in eight women.

Breast cancer stems from either a benign or malignant growth that starts in the tissues of the breast. A cancerous tumor is a group of cancer cells that can grow into adjacent tissues or spread to remote areas of the body.

According to the American Cancer Society, the primary symptoms of breast cancer include:

Change of size or shape of the nipple and the breast
Change of color or texture of the nipple or the areola
Change of the breast�s skin itself
Presence of lump or a thickening in the breast or in the armpit area
Presence of dimples, puckers, rash
Production of nipple fluid

There are different types of breast cancer risk factors, as shown by several research studies. Some of them, like a person’s age or gender, are unchangeable. Other elements that bring about certain results or effects are linked to cancer-causing factors in the environment. Several women who develop breast cancer have no risk factors other than age and gender, medical specialists say.

Gender is the major risk because breast cancer occurs frequently in women. Age is another significant factor. Breast cancer may occur at any age, although the risk of breast cancer increases with age, as explained by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Furthermore, family history has long been known to be a risk factor for breast cancer. Both maternal and paternal relatives are important,

Other risk factors include the use of oral contraceptives, lifestyle, nutritional intake, alcohol use, smoking, and environmental causes like exposure to radiation.

Several women have treatment in addition to surgery, which may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or hormonal therapy. The decision about which additional treatments are needed is based upon the stage and type of cancer, the presence of hormonal, patient health, and preferences.

Treatments for breast cancer, as well as survival rates, are improving, according to the International Agency for Cancer Research. Early detection and medical help is vital to improving the chances of survival beyond a diagnosis of breast cancer. Doctors and patients should be aware of the safety and effectiveness of medication and medical products used for treatments.

Defective medical devices might worsen the condition of the patient. For instance, in the hip replacement scenario, hip devices like the recalled DePuy models may cause metal poisoning and genetic toxicity. DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. is a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson, which currently faces a number of DePuy lawsuit due to their flawed hip devices.

The writer is a medical researcher and writer specializing in health problems brought about by defective medical products. At present, he is concentrating on the issues of recalled hip devices such as the ones referred on the DePuy hip settlement amounts.

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Author: Kathleen Hennis