30924Knives Of Alaska Alpha Wolf.

Is there any place tougher than Alaska? Well i suppose there might be, but for us Americans, Alaska is a name that sends shivers and thoughts of cold, frozen lands. A very short summer for Alaskans every year, and when it comes to places to live, Alaska really is one of the roughest inhabited places on the planet. This knife that we will be talking about, is the result of centuries of evolved living in that tough local. I am sure that people who live there, hunt and trap small animals all the time, but when hunters take a trip there, they have larger ideas on there minds. They are interested in medium sized as well as large game animal, and this knife is made for them.

This KOA Alpha Wolf knife has a full tang, and a fairly thin blade that is great for cutting through thick hides that one finds on Alaskan game. It is a great knife for skinning, and cutting in a rather effortless manner. The knife is just under eight inches in length, and both the knife and it’s sheath are made in the USA. Yes the quality is as expected. The blade is a drop point blade, and has a length of 3.75 inches, as well as being 0.1 inches in thickness. The edge is very smooth and are made of stainless steel that has been rated at 61 for hardness on Rockwell. These knives are always sharpened before leaving the plant, and so these bad boys are ready for service upon arrival.

The KOA Alpha Wolf has a weigh near eight ounces and is considered to be a very popular knife among experienced hunters. The sheath is very nicely designed, and allows the edge of the knife to point towards the back of the sheath for safety, and also helps avoid sheath damage. The ergonomic handle has a lanyard hole in it if one is needed. To jqve a full tang, stainless steel knife of this quality for the price, is just awesome.

To sum it up, this is a great knife for the money. It is a made in the USA, product offered t a price that is affordable for most. Stainless steel, razor sharp, made for one of the most challenging climates in the USA. Spectacular quality a fair price. Plenty of reviews are online for this product. Read a few when you have a chance, and consider adding this MADE IN AMERICA knife to your valued collection.

Product retails for around $70.



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