7579Choosing handmade earrings to compliment the shape of your face.

When we use pieces of handmade jewellery like earrings as accessory’s we want to make sure that they compliment us and enhance our looks not do the opposite. This is very important with earrings as these always draw attention to your face.

We all want to look our best and we do this by adding beautiful accessories but we want to add pieces that will enhance our looks and draw attention to our best features. We all have features that we would like to draw attention to and features that we want to draw attention away from and with choosing the correct pair of handmade earrings we can do this.

If you have a pretty heart shaped face you will have a slightly pointed chin and a wide forehead so to compliment this perfectly you will need to choose a pair of unique jewellery earrings that are the invert of the face shape. So for this face shape long triangular shaped earrings would be the perfect design for you or if you cannot find a pair that you like then try looking at designs that have teardrop shaped beads or any beads that are wider at the top and tapper down to the bottom.

If your face is round and beautiful it will be narrow at the chin and have curved cheeks and if this is your face type then you will need a pair of handcrafted earrings that will balance the roundness of the face and help to slim it down. The style of earrings that you should be searching for are long and angular and the handmade designs that you should avoid are large round hoops or chunky rings and try to avoid wearing studs as these will only make your face look larger.

If your face is longer than it is wide then you have a long oblong face so to try and avoid making your face look longer you should be choosing pairs of earrings that are wider than they are long and these will be handcrafted jewellery designs like large wide hoops, and chunky round designs will compliment the face shape perfectly. Try to avoid wearing long slim dangling designs.

If your face is square this will be defined with a wide jaw line or a broad forehead which is the similar size of the jaw so the face can sometimes look quite angular to balance this you will need to wear round designs that will soften and balance this with the soft curves. Again large hoops and large round studs will compliment this face shape. Teardrop style jewellery earrings are also a good choice to make or any design as long as it has lots of curves and no square edges.

The above are just some guidelines for you make the right choices when it comes to buying a pair of handmade earrings. Other things have to be taken into account like the hairstyle and the necklace of the outfit that you are going to wear.

You will find many collections that have been handmade into unique and unusual handmade designs and made from different types of materials from classic traditional designs made from gold set with precious gemstones or fun and funky pairs of fashionable earrings that can be found in all the large stores. When choosing this fashion accessory consider the correct style for your features and hair style and I am sure that you will have fun wearing you unique and original pairs of handmade earrings.

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