5 Worth Reading Good Books For Young Adults & Adults

There are hundreds of thousands of good books for young adults to be found. It is quite true that not many of them reach the success of Twilight and Harry Potter but young adult genre is ever-growing and competitive. Young adults have a tough time choosing the books that they should read. At this point of life teenagers go through a period that requires them to make important decisions about their life. Keeping that in mind, mentioned below are some ideas of really good books that young adults should read at this point of their life.

Motivational Books for Understanding Themselves

Teenagers often have the problem of truly understanding themselves and what purpose they have in their life. In some cases the feeling of failing to succeed is extremely overpowering and they really need that can remind them about their motto of life. Motivational books give them the adequate amount of guidance and helps them staying focussed and leading their life purposefully. These books help young adults in better decision making and allows them to compare situations and match it with situations they are going through in their respective life. Some of the good books for young adults in motivational CatID are:

(1) The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
(2) The Alchemist
(3) Think and Grow Rich
(4) The Greatest Salesman in the World
(5) The Power of Positive Thinking

Romantic Novels to Add Spice in Life

Most of the young adults find themselves into some kind of relationship at this point of life. It is a way of life and they cannot run away from it. Romantic books gives them the desired amount of education about proper understanding of their partner and how to make the relationship last long. Romantic novels are extremely good books for young adults because these books depict the kind of life that the teenagers are going through at this moment. These books also help in avoiding breakups and how to minimise misunderstanding in any relationship. Romantic books really help in making decisions that are well informed which in turn can help young people to understand what their love life is all about and what to expect from it. Some of the best rated books in this CatID are:

(1) Fifty Shades of Grey
(2) The Viscount Who Loved Me
(3) Lord of Scoundrels
(4) Dreaming of You
(5) Love Awakened

Mystery Books for Nail Biting Suspense

Life can get extremely confusing at some point of time and it is important to solve the mysteries of life. There are many good books for young adults in mystery CatID that can help teenagers unravel mysteries surrounding their lives. These books can broaden the mind, improve the thinking capacity, allows them to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that are long lasting with better reasoning capacity. Some of the good books for young adults in this genre are mentioned below:

(1) Dream Caster
(2) The Girl with Dragon Tattoo
(3) And Then There Were None
(4) The Information Officer
(5) Secret Smile


There is no dearth of good books for young adults that they can read and enjoy. The best books are the one that can help them in understanding the purpose of their life and offers recreation at the same time. Books will expose young people in different life scenarios and it will help them in better understanding of the situation surrounding their lives. The task of writing a list of “good books for young adults” is a herculean task in itself because there are many books to choose from. The best way to find and read these good books is going to library, purchasing books from local bookstore or from online.
So what are you waiting for?? Grab a book and start turning the pages because a fantastic world is waiting for you..!!!!

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