Science of attraction

It a open secret that different women thinks that different guy smell differently. Woman A will find Man A smells good while Man B will smell like garbage to her. But the exact same Man B will smell incredibly awesome to Woman B. So why the different? read on… The chemical responsible for a guy smell is incredibly complicated. It is not just one substance that cause the smell, I would say it is a cocktail of many different types of chemical(known as pheromones) that are responsible for a guy smell. The presence and absence of the certain chemicals plus the differing concentration of a certain chemical create a very wide variation of smell. In fact, every guy have a unique smell signature and every guy smell differently. Furthermore, a guys body odor can be so unique that it can even be used for forensics investigation. We the guys can’t tell but a woman can.

So what is the purpose for each guy to have such unique smell signature? Simple, it is to communicate. The different body odor is determined by your genetics. Every organism including human want to find mate whose genetics is somewhat similar.

It very clear that women are attracted to guy whose immune system is the most different from their own. The reason is because of survival, survival of her children. Having a mate with the most different immunity genes is good because her children will have two different set of immunity genes. This means her children immunity is more diverse and can fight off a wider variety of bacteria and viruses, greatly reducing the chance of diseases and thus able to live longer. Also from the study, it seems that women are attracted to guy (or you can say guy Science of attraction) whose genetics is somewhat similar to their father. They don’t like guys with identical genes as them because it lead to in-breeding and when the offspring receive the two set of identical genes, bad genes will magnify itself and reduce the chance of survival for the offspring. Also, woman don’t like guys whose genetic are totally different because robust and good genes that are only available to a specific population will be diluted. This explains why different group of people like the Chinese, Indians, Caucasian and the black tend to have spouses of a similar color.

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Author: Irfan Uddin