Chinamoco: the Auto Diagnostic Tool Authority

Chinamoco,, has become part of the top diagnostic tool suppliers in the Asian region, and it is focused on becoming a global supplier by establishing its name in the World Wide Web. Founded in 2008 at Beijing China, the company has its sights set on establishing a business relationship with partners from all over the world, be it consumers or B2B. Cinamoco is committed to making its name a reputable and professional supplier of reliable and high quality automotive diagnostic tools. The following are some of their most popular products.

The BMW GT1 is a special tool in the BM Series, as it has the same specs with current products available only to franchised dealers. It is called GT1 because it means group tester one. The package comes with the high spec measurement and communications interface attached to a laptop computer running on Windows OS. The GT1 is compatible with all of the systems under BM. It is considered a special tool because of its ability to program and configure the ECU or electronic control unit. Back then, you had to replace the ECU to get software issues fixed; now all you have to do is reprogram the factory ECU using the GT1 to sort out the software bugs. You can even have a blank ECU installed.

Another product offered by Chinamoco is the MB Star C4, the latest diagnostic tool for Mercedes Benz models from the year 2000 and later. It is smaller and lighter than the previous models and is the Compact3-Star’s replacement. The C4 runs on Windows XP and features the DAS and WIS systems. This product can diagnose different buses, trucks and cars made by Mercedes Benz.

The Launch x-431 is perhaps the most popular diagnostic tool of technicians. It is a favorite among technicians because of its compact size, potent diagnostic utilities, universal connectors, and quick and easy updates. The x-431 has a 4.3 inch touchscreen interface that supports many languages.

One more product is the Ford IDS VCM, the diagnostic tool specially designed for Ford models. It is a vehicle communication module that is tough and loaded with performance features like 5 status indicators, detachable cables, and an Integrated Diagnostic Software and Portable Diagnostic Software DVD. This tool is compatible with Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury models between 1996 and 2009.

The BMW OPS Tool is used primarily for quick ECU programming, popularly known as ECU flashing. The tool can communicate with the vehicle two ways: MOST and OBD. The OPS Tool can work with BMW models E65 onwards.

Those are only some of the well-known diagnostic tools available Auto Diagnostic Tool from Chinamoco. Aside from offering the top technician products, the company wants to achieve customer satisfaction with its friendly policy, protection of privacy, safe and fast delivery, discounts, and outstanding customer support. If you want to know more about the company and see all the tools for sale, just log on to their website. If you are looking for the best auto diagnostic tool, look no further than Chinamoco.

Those are only some of the well-known diagnostic tools available Auto Diagnostic Tool from Chinamoco. We are the professional supplier for chinamoco Automotive diagnostic tools from china,we are offer Auto Diagnostic Tool|BMW GT1|MB Star|Ford IDS VCM|BMW OPS|Launch x-431,Top Quality and Competitive Price.


Author: Irfan Uddin