Embed Music into Flipbook with eFlip Standard to Create a Relaxed Atmosphere

Being a high school student is great as you get to attend the event of the year, high school prom. What if you could create a 3D flipbook with embedded audio? Won’t that just be awesome! You must know that every high school student and their partner will be there. Now imagine you are able to create the best ever 3D flipbook with music in the backdrop which will enable you to showcase all the jubilant activities that took place on the day. Just think what a winner your creation will be once it gets to the ears of fellow high school students as to what you came up with. It will be a day to remember, that’s for sure.

Why don’t you spend your time planning your flipbook with background music to help create the best atmosphere for students to enjoy forever more? After all, students spend a big part of their senior school years looking forward to this momentous occasion. This is not surprising as proms have always been the highlight of the year within any culture, whether it is movies, dresses or books that feature. It is like that last hurrah of being a student. All the more reason why you could make the most of it through using software like eFlip Standard, which is the only software that allows you to add music or an audio narration all onto one page or, several pages in the case of a prom.

There is simply no better way to carry away memorable moments of the prom venue, the excellent food and great music, than creating something out of the ordinary – 3D audio flipbooks. By adding music, it sure will help to enhance the whole prom experience you and your fellow students have. On first glance it may seem like just another novelty. But given the functionality of the eFlip Standard, you are sure to be blown away by what you could all accomplish. Besides 3D flipbooks brings your prom event alive in terms of the way you could position the images and in surprising your friends with the ease of flipping through the pages at lightning speed. They get to relive those precious moments as if they were playing of in real time.

Every student would want their own copy of the 3D pageflip book created by you. This might be your chance to start your adult life with a lot of cash in your pocket to do with as you please, all thanks to making use of eFlip software.

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