Effective Ab Workout Training Exercises

When trying to attain a coveted hourglass-shaped figure or a lean and photoshop-worthy physique, abdominal muscles are the most difficult part to work on. The treadmill may help you go from a size six to a four but not the toned abs.

To address this oppressing problems of the majority, ab workout trainings have been developed by fitness instructors and gym enthusiasts. These trainings range from at-home exercises to gym-only activities. Some of the easiest and most effective ab workout training exercises are the following:

Plank. The plank is a great way to gain endurance as you need to exert a certain amount of stamina and strength to do a basic position. It develops strong core muscles that makes you shed more sweat when exercising.

V-up. This workout training exercise targets secondary muscles like the obliques and hip flexors. This requires strength in the abdominal muscles to raise both your legs and torso.

Hanging Knee Raise. A strength ab workout training exercise that needs to be done in slow paced motion. This slowly tones the lower abdomen while providing maximum muscular development.

Mountain Climber. The mountain climber builds strength to the entire body if done properly. Strong core muscles to support the back is necessary in this exercise, which made this an effective ab workout exercise.

Oblique Crunch. This crunch effectively targets your obliques minus the neck muscle pains. While your hip flexors are being targeted, your abs are also contributing to the movement.

Vertical Hip Raise. Similarly, this exercise also targets the obliques by dynamically contracting the muscles. And if you want to make it more challenging for you, try adding weights in between your ankles.

Air Bike Crunches. This ab workout training exercise targets the side abdominal muscles. To make this effective, you have to do this slowly and with control in order to give your muscles an ample time to contract.

In doing ab workout training exercises, always take extra precautions. Any exercise that you will be performing should be beneficial to your body and not harm your health.

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