Eco- Friendly Junk Removal and Clean-Up Services in Los Angeles, California

Midtown Hauling ( is pleased to offer a wide variety of junk removal and hauling services to the greater Los Angeles area. Junk removal is a tedious task considering the constraints of time, effort and most importantly the effect it can cause on the environment. It is hard to determine how to dispose junk and still contribute to organic surroundings. Professionals who have been operating in the field of transporting junk from households and offices to dumping facilities would be the best solution. They not only ensure a smooth clean-up, but also live up to the goal of keeping the environment clean and friendly.

Midtown Hauling is one such service that has been highly recommended by customers for their dependable service on eco-friendly junk clean-up services. Having been operating in Los Angeles and in surrounding areas since early 90s the firm has contributed to the community by keeping it completely earth friendly through their varied junk removal services. The entire team at Midtown Hauling has been able to support various households and offices in getting rid of unwanted pile-up in a quick and easy manner without having to worry about damaging the surroundings. The best part of opting for this service is the customer friendly approach which makes this stressful experience a community service.

Some of the services that Midtown Hauling is popular for include garbage clean-up, yard cleaning, office junk, demolition services, tree trimmings, lot trash removal, construction debris, basement clean up, attic clean up, concrete removal and disposing furniture. The client testimonials are a proof to the reliable services offered by this clean-up service. The entire team operates to expedite the cleaning service with minimal supervision. Customers can also opt for quotes online before opting for the service. Located locally the services have benefitted many customers across the greater Los Angeles area..

About Midtown Hauling

Midtown Hauling is an eco-friendly service for junk removal and clean up of landfills. They operate with an aim to keep the earth clean and dispose waste in an organic manner. The wide variety of services offered has made this a popular junk removal service in Los Angeles. Founded in 1993 by Leonardo Aguilar; this has evolved into a team of junk removal experts who have been operating in LA and the surrounding areas. They serve the community by disposing junk to dumping facilities. To learn more about the services offered visit

Company: Midtown Hauling
Phone: (310) 243-6661
Address: 1346 S Westlake Ave., Los Angeles, California 90006



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