Easy Woodshop And Shed Making Projects For Novices

Whether you have just started the craft, or are teaching a novice, its best to stick to easy wood-shop projects such as building outdoor sheds or other simple structures. If you are searching the net or looking at your local hardware store, keep in mind that there are a varied amount of plans available and each one targets a separate skill level. While the plan may seem simple or look easy, it is not always apparent what level the plan is for.

If you are new to woodworking, it is advisable to stick easy wood-shop projects, after you have become comfortable and built up your knowledge base, you can then venture into more complex areas. Assure that prior to starting your shed project you have all of the tools and materials handy. Also assure that you have your project plan, the cutting scheme as well as the provided visual illustration to help guide you.

Not only beginners prefer detailed plans, veteran woodworkers also agree that an easy to follow shed building plan is key to successful projects. While veterans are likely to create their own plans, it is advisable for novices to purchase a pre-made plan or have one drawn up for them.

If you are not sure what to try, take a look a these few suggestions of simple wood-shop projects

1. A simple plywood coffee table- This is a great place to start as it has only a few pieces and a lot of room for forgiveness in its completed look.

2. A corner couch for your play room of basement- This is another great idea, there are not a lot of parts required, and you can spend time honing your skill. Your practice wont be noticeable since the frame will be covered in foam and fabric.

3. A decorative garden shed- You can recycle old wood from pallets to make a usable shed for your garden or patio. The wood is already treated in most cases so your creations will surely stand the test of water.

4. A simple Rock Back Chair- you can make this over the weekend, the project design is simple and readily available. With a bit of fabric from your house or the craft store, you can make this a cute addition to your studio.

5. A bed frame- This may be one of the most common of easy woodworking projects in history. It is extremely simple and offers great finished results. You wont need many materials and you can often find the plan for a bed frame free at your local hardware store.

These are just a few suggestions for easy wood-shop projects. There are hundreds more available online or in the store.

Think about picking up a book from the hardware or bookstore that offers a large list of easy plans and designs to offer yourself variety. Regardless of what you choose to make, follow the plans and assure that you take the appropriate safety measure such as using gloves and protective eye wear during your project. FOr more information, please visit: Sheds RI.

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