Eastern Pools Announces Its Expanded Commercial Services

In a recent announcement, Eastern Pools stated that it is expanding its commercial pool services, in order to help businesses in Northern Ohio. The company stated that, just like homes, businesses also require professional pool services. The company went on to state that businesses require extensive and specialized pool services in order to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety in their busy pools. Eastern Pools announced that, for this reason, it has decided to expand its pool services to include both residential and commercial clients.

Eastern Pools went on to announce that it is backed by a team of highly-skilled, expert technicians who are capable of handling any type of swimming pool project, regardless of size or complexity. Eastern Pools also announced that its technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. Eastern Pools went on to state that its expanded commercial pool services also include hot tub services, as many businesses that require pool services also require hot tub services.

Eastern Pools continued its announcement by describing the kinds of institutions that its expanded commercial pool services apply to. Eastern Pools stated that its expanded commercial pool services apply to restaurants and bars, hotels and resorts, campground pools, pools located at private businesses, pools located at academic institutions (including high schools, colleges, and universities), public pools, therapy pools, gyms and fitness clubs, pools for apartment complexes, spas, golf and country clubs, park and community pools, pools for health clinics and hospitals, and pools for sports arenas and venues. https://www.facebook.com/Eastern-Pools-Inc-403681286368045/

Eastern Pools went on to state that its expanded commercial pool services include delivery and spa setup, opening and closing of pools for the season, pool repair and part replacement, and major swimming pool renovations. The company stated that these expanded services are a great help for business owners. More company information can be found at https://plus.google.com/105483125568656443275

Eastern Pools concluded its announcement by providing some helpful company-related information. The company stated that it has been providing pool and spa cleaning and maintenance in Northern Ohio for over fifty years, having started in 1963. The company went on to state that it is very in tune with its customers’ needs, and that helping Northern Ohio pool owners maintain pool safety has always been its number one priority. Their reviews can be seen at https://www.google.com/maps/place/Eastern+Pools+Inc/@41.000767,-81.6525287,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x49465886333b1d54!2sEastern+Pools+Inc!8m2!3d41.000767!4d-81.65034!3m4!1s0x0:0x49465886333b1d54!8m2!3d41.000767!4d-81.65034?hl=en

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Company: Eastern Pools, Inc.
Address: 4953 W Wooster Rd, Norton, OH 44203
Phone: (330) 825-2214
Website: www.easternpools.com


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