Dogwood Gaming Has Posted A Project On Kickstarter For Virtual Gallery

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Rockville, MD (April 11, 2018) – For those, who look for ways to make their portfolio stand out among the thousands of such portfolios available on the web, they can get the best help from Dogwood Gaming. Yes, they have posted a project seeking supporters for their project called virtual gallery.

For those, looking for unique ways to share their vacation photos with others, they will find these virtual galleries highly helpful. Further, artists, who wish to show their artwork in a gallery, but without spending thousands of dollars for renting a gallery, they will find the virtual galleries highly helpful in attractively displaying their creations. Yes, the purpose of this project is to provide not just quality, but also a modern alternative to flat two-dimensional portfolios/albums.

This idea was created by Dogwood Gaming by working with different artists, whom they thought could improve the exposure of their artwork easily by creating a 3D space that focuses their pieces. Once, they were highly satisfied with the initial ones, they thought about creating many such galleries to fit the different needs of artists or individuals planning to display their photos.

Dogwood Gaming presently has five fully-built galleries and the details are posted by them in Kickstarter to help supporters get an idea about these galleries. The goal of the studio is to fully-automate this process. With simple drag and drop feature, users can place the images in whichever frame they need.

About Dogwood Gaming:
Dogwood Gaming is a small video game studio based in Rockville, Maryland. The studio is determined for creating projects that are of the best quality and are customizes to the users.

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Dogwood Gaming Has posted a project on Kickstarter that will offer a unique way to share photos and they have named their project Virtual Galleries.


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